Inspiration: Hip Hop Literature Inspiring Urban American and Palestinian Resistence

In an increasingly common act of defiance, young Palestinians have painted graffiti on the “apartheid” wall separating Israel and Palestine. However, this incident is different. It is both an act of rebellion and a show of support for an unlikely source of inspiration for the youth. Author Supreme Understanding’s book “Rap, Race, and Revolution: Solutions for Our Struggle” may have been written to empower members of America’s Hip Hop generation, but today it is clear that its message reaches much further.

The graffiti, large black letters spelling out the title of the book, sends a clear message that such “solutions for our struggle” are needed far and wide. And, no wonder…The economic downturn has reached global proportions, and throughout the world the threat of famine and genocide are becoming undeniable realities. In Gaza, on the West Bank, the disenfranchised find themselves seeking work building the same wall which divides their dreams and stifles their survival. This is the source of the young man’s outrage, and his statement encapsulates our collective cry for change. Those cries have not gone unanswered.

Activist author Supreme Understanding’s Rap, Race and Revolution melds quick wit with insightful observations on navigating an increasingly turbulent and volatile world. “I wrote the book to incite discussion and dialogue in the urban community, in a way that addressed the needs of our young people. Needs that aren’t being met by the school systems or the nonprofits,” the author explained recently. What surprised him, however, was when letters of support began pouring in from places he hadn’t expected to reach with his message. “New York, California, Atlanta, Seattle – all the urban areas were givens. But then we start hearing from Omaha, Nebraska; from Montreal, Canada; from Birmingham, England,” the author continued, “But when emails came in from Puerto Rico, Ghana, Palestine, and Japan, I knew we had stumbled upon something much bigger than us.”

Some of the success has been by design. To start, Rap, Race and Revolution’s common sense approach and real life examples provide for a surprisingly easy read, appealing to young people who don’t typically read self-empowerment literature. The author’s distinct ability to juxtapose revolutionary ideas and scholarly musings result in a down to earth manual; accessible to a wide array of readers. But it appears that people throughout the world, many of whom read little English, can not only relate to Rap, Race and Revolution’s message, but identify wholeheartedly with the struggle of America’s urban poor. Supreme says the connection makes perfect sense, “Maybe this is why so many people, downtrodden people – everywhere in the world – love Hip Hop. It speaks to those who are being broken but won’t break. It speaks to resistance. It speaks to rebellion. Its speaks to our desire for revolution – real social change.”

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