DIVA Doing It: Aisha Karimah

Aisha KarimahAisha Karimah, a production DIVA, is set to release her debut single.  It is entitled “Invasion” and is an eclectic hip-hop production inspired by H.G. Well’s classic novel The War of the Worlds. ”Invasion” is a unique fusion of classic turntablism, modern beats, and futuristic sci-fi instrumental melodies accompanied by the continuous reverent lyrical loop, “Hip-Hop You Don’t Stop” to pay homage to the past, present and future of the hip-hop movement. 

Aisha states, “Hip-Hop has evolved into an infinite cycle of our universe. Forty years ago hip-hop music was non-existent — now one can not imagine life without it. It has grown into an international phenomenon celebrated on all corners of the earth by its ability to simply reinvent itself into new styles, new forms, and new reflections of life. I believe the future of Hip-Hop is ready for that reincarnation once again…let the invasion begin.”

The single was also post-produced by Eliud “Lou” Ortiz a mastermind behind hit singles and official remixes by P-Diddy, Shaggy, RZA, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Das EFX, Slick Rick, and DJ Krush.

“Invasion” the single will begin its Green Planet Hip Hop– online promotional campaign on August 11, 2009 and will be available in all major e-stores in mid-October.



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