Underground DIVA of the Week: Bless Roxwell

Bless Roxwell caught my attention with her “She’s So Fresh” Showcase which serves as a performance platform for women in hip hop and urban arts.  The showcase is a by product from “She’s So Fresh Fridayz” a profile from her blog, The Revolution of FRESH, where she profiles female emcees and women in hip hop.  As a female emcee herself, she saw the need to give a voice to unheard female hip hop artists.  The first showcase took place on August 6th and was such a success that the second showcase was held this month.  So, here we have a female emcee acknowledging, supporting, and showcasing other female emcees. Aint’ that DIVA?!

Okay, so her love and support of female emcees is awesome.  But, let’s not overlook her skills as an emcee.  When I listened to her music I knew that I had to talk to her and shine some light her way.  If you’re looking for gimmicks you won’t get them from Bless.  Instead, you are going to receive a message from each and every song that she makes.  Her music is her way of speaking to you and she uses it to educate, inspire, and motivate.  I couldn’t help but feel that her music is her blessing to those who listen.  She is giving herself to you.  What more could you want?

Check Bless Roxwell out at:




I'm that chick
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