In the upcoming November 9 election, she will be running against incumbent Tony Santos, longtime city council member Joyce Starosciak and longtime school board member Steve Cassidy.

She has been a tenant’s member on the city’s Rent Review Board since last December, and on Alameda County’s Community Action Board, Mestas recently formed the campaign committee, Community & Parents for Democracy, Sara Mestas for Mayor. Relating to regular Americans in her community who have, like her, struggled to survive in the current down economy, she aims to give people hope that one’s past does not disqualify them from their future.

“What prompted me to run for mayor,” she says, “I got resistance from the San Leandro Police Department and City Manager when I tried to start a San Leandro Police Activities League. They were uncomfortable with me being the face of the organization because the video for my single ‘You Can’t Touch It’ they say is provocative and they also said my music promotes gangsterism and sex. The whole point of launching my music career with an album about the streets is to tell people about the hard places I came from in my youth that listeners could relate to—and then show them with later recordings just how I have matured and evolved since then. There would be a huge disconnect if I did that first without showing the sequence of events that brought me to where I am now.

Despite any speculation that Mestas’ campaign for Mayor is to ultimately gain album sales, she states that “90 percent of her net earnings will be put back into the community, whether I win the Mayor election or not.”

Here’s the video for “You Can’t Touch It”

Where my Bay Area DIVAS at???? Stand up! Not saying you should back her just because she’s a female in hip hop, but I am definitely advocating you to check her out and get involved if you think she’s doing something good.

As for her music, now that’s another thing, but hey, everything ain’t for everybody.  I still support her in her endeavors.  Much respect Mo Wiley!



I'm that chick
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