DIVA Flow: Psalm One Does the Game: 500 Bars

On April 15th 2010, Game released a song in which he rapped for 400 bars.

Several questions were raised, including a question Game posed; he asked fans (via Twitter) to name other artists that they would like to hear do a 400 bar song. Psalm One’s name came up, and she accepted the challenge.

In her world, it raised the question of raising the “bar,” as it were. The rapper in her wanted to beat the Game, and actually take on the writer’s task of spitting relevant and refreshing bars for over 25 minutes.

Here’s Psalm One’s 500 Bars.  Do you find it relevant and refreshing?

My opinion: She picked good tracks, but I couldn’t really get into the flow.  It’s kind of like a movie you’ve been itching to see or a book you really thought was interesting….you keep watching/reading waiting for it to pick up but it never does.


I'm that chick
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