Underground Diva of the Week: Dat Gurl Netta

A Texas girl with a not so Texas rap style has captured fans both near and far with her rapid fire delivery over slow beats.  Born in Houston, TX and now residing in San Antonio, TX, Dat Gurl Netta’s flow is far from slow and she’s not making dance music like her Dallas brethren.  Influenced by Bone Thugs N Harmony and Twista, she is one of the few females I’ve run across who can twist and do it well.  It definitely sets her apart from the pack and people are digging it.  So far Dat Gurl Netta has had over 30,000 ringtone downloads, over 30,000 single downloads, and over 300,000 views and plays on her MySpace page.  Who’s thinking MySpace is dead?  With all of her online success Dat Gurl Netta landed a distribution deal with Universal Records in November 2009.  Seizing the opportunity from the success she received and lessons learned getting there, Dat Gurl Netta along with a partner, formed G.A.M.E., a label that consists of promoting and motivating artists and models to help them gain exposure and digital distribution deals.  Nominated for “Slept On Artist of the Year” at the 2010 S.E.A. Awards, Dat Gurl is hoping to be nominated for the same as well as “Female Mixtape Artist of the Year” and “Mixtape of the Year” at the 2011 S.E.A.  Awards.  Her signature style of holding sexy conversations using a quick delivery over slow beats may get her a win. 

Check out Dat Gurl Netta at www.datgurlnetta.com and download her latest mixtape “Officially Sexy” here.  Follow her on twitter @Datgurlnetta.


I'm that chick
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