Underground DIVA of the Week: Strings

“You gotta respect it even if you disagree.”

Respect is something Strings has definitely earned on her journey to becoming a recording artist.  Like a lot of artists that are hitting the airwaves today, String is dually talented as a singer and a rapper.  Unlike them, she began her journey a while ago and is not a newcomer on the scene.  Her story is one full of ups and downs and she exemplifies perseverance and the determination that it takes if you are seeking to build a career in music entertainment.

Strings has not waited for anyone to open doors for her, she has knocked on doors and opened them herself.  That is how she landed three different record deals.  The first was with R. Kelly and came via an impromptu backstage vocal performance at one of his concerts.  She later met up with him at a private party, spit some bars from him, and was signed.  The second deal was with Keith Sweat via Epic Records.  The third deal was with Cash Money which she managed to attain via a conversation with Baby and Slim.  You may wonder how did she get these three deals on her own?  Well she had the confidence to approach these individuals and the talent to back it up.  With each of these deals came an eventual release and two albums that were never released. Strings story is evidence that it takes more than talent and a deal to break through.  Why would she continue on after what would seem like defeat?  Well, she can’t see herself doing anything else and music is her life.  Strings stays prepared to perform live and with a style that is both sexy and gangsta she reminds us of the female emcees that emerged in the 90’s.  Strings is committed to fulfilling her dream.  How many others are willing to go through the same to accomplish their goals?  I’m not sure.  But Strings’ perseverance is sure to pay off someday and we will be behind her 100%.

“You’ll never hear me say these niggas got me.”

Check Strings out:






I'm that chick
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