Underground DIVA of the Week: Khaos Da Rapper

Khaos Da Rapper…..what else is there to say?  She’s a rapper!  In this case the name does not accurately define the person.  Khaos is more than a rapper. She’s a producer, she’s an engineer, she’s bold, she’s edgy, she’s not afraid to push the envelope.  Pushing the envelope…isn’t that what hip hop is all about anyways?  Well, then Khaos fits right in with her own genre of music she’s termed “hiptonic whatever music.”  She began at the age of nine by winning a talent show performing a reggae song that belonged to her aunt.  She took her love of music behind the scenes and gained knowledge on how to actually make music.  Her experiences behind the scenes are what led her to explore different music genres.  With eyes wide open she began to experiment with them herself which led to her developing her own lane, “hiptonic whatever music”. 

When listening to Khaos’ music there isn’t any one thing that stands out, it is the overall production.  Are her lyrics above average?  Yes, she has clever bars, cool punch lines, suitable metaphors, and all the lyrical pizzaz we like to hear from our favorite emcees.  Is her delivery on point?  Absolutely!  She rides every beat as if it was made specifically for her to rhyme in that manner.  When you combine her lyrics and delivery it produces a final product that you want to just playback and listen to over and over again all day. Her lyrics don’t overpower her delivery and her delivery is not harder than her lyrics.  They complement each other well which makes for easy listening. Also, she can kill a freestyle.  Give her a listen and you’ll see why this HIP HOP DIVA is this week’s Underground DIVA of the Week.


THEHIPHOPDIVA spoke with Khaos Da Rapper about her journey thus far and what lies ahead.  Read what she had to say on the Khaos Da Rapper page.




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