DIVA Video: Lola Monroe: “Run The World”

Lola Monroe recorded her own version of Beyonce’s “Run the World” and decided to shoot a visual for it.  We’ve seen mixtape vids before,  right?  Well, first I peeped the behind the scenes footage of the video shoot and was like she has a killer look for the video.   Watch below…don’t you agree?

After watching the behind the scenes footage I was like the video is going to be nice.  While watching the video, my initial thought was I have not seen a video this good from someone that is not major.  Lola Monroe is independent and her video is MAJOR.  Secondly, I haven’t seen a chick in hip hop bring such a fierce style in a loooong time.  For anyone who thought Lola was playing should now be convinced that she is serious about this and her flow has gotten MAJOR as well.  Watch the video below.


I'm that chick
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