DIVA Video: Jade Alston: “Searching”

I have listened to Jade Alston’s “Single On A Saturday Night” project numerous times and have had the pleasure of speaking with this uber talented young lady. She’s an extremely humble lady who is looking to create classic music with her voice and she is accomplishing that goal. This video took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting the POW! factor with the attitude and styling. It caught me off guard and I love it….she’ll never get old if she remains solidly unpredictable. Get more info on the video and project below:

“Searching” is the first of a series of visuals by emerging R&B singer/songwriter @JadeAlston. “Searching” is a fan-favorite from Jade’s recently released FreEP “Single On A Saturday Night.” “Searching” was written by Jade Alston and produced by MPIII Productions (@MPiiiMusic).

For more information about Jade Alston, go to: http://www.JadeAlston.com
Visual Credits:
Directed by @GianniLee
Styled by @AnthonyChad
Actor @AaronBabylon
Photographer @JasmineAlston


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