Hip Hop is a culture, hip hop is life, and hip hop is me!  Women have made major contributions to hip hop since Sylvia Robinson released the Sugar Hill Gang’s ever famous “Rapper’s Delight”.  Now today, THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM was created to provide hip hop coverage from a DIVA’s point of view as well as fill the void for women of hip hop by highlighting, promoting,and supporting female contributions to hip hop culture.  You can contact THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM  by leaving a comment or sending an email to thehiphopdiva.com@gmail.com .

13 Responses to ABOUT/CONTACT

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. The V Firm PR says:

    I absolutely adore your site! Kudos on highlighting the talented women in Hip Hop!

  3. Would love to do a link exchange with you! Love what you represent!

  4. aakanksha matthews says:

    but,how shoul i rejister maslf ova here ?? :O

  5. I am feeling you DIVA’S!!!! Love this site…

  6. HIPHOPTRUTH says:


  7. Sasha says:

    This is a great blog. I have added it to my list of cool music blogs on my hip hop blog.

  8. Lovin the site! Keep up the good work and I will spread the word! You ROCK!!!

  9. Elboogie says:

    The 36th Annual Harambee Festival is just around the corner.
    “If you give a darn share some coins.”
    Every Saturday in September donations will be collected between 11-4pm at the MLK Jr. Library in Sunny South Dallas.
    Listen for K104’s street teams different locations.
    This year’s Festival is moving to the Fair Park and the city is no longer sponsoring it.
    So let’s give some cheddar and make the Harambee better.
    Harambee is UNITY
    And peace of mind is one dollar at a time.

  10. tuckpoo says:

    is anyone wlse disturbed by the fact that there were no female performers on the bet hip hop awards??? not even to honor the honorees Salt -n- Pepa!!!!!!!! thats really b/s….. i love this site thank you

  11. Stumbled upon your site and I love it. Contact me if you ever need some assistance. I have a few HTown Divas who would fit perfectly.

    P.S. before the spamming comments begin, Yes I do PR but not in music. I am just a fan.

  12. NICE BLOG! Keep up the good work!

    MY BLOG : http://www.akaHipHop.com

  13. #salute we like to party w/ @THEHIPHOPDIVA “#ellebaby”

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