Andrea M. Harrell

Andrea M. HarrellTHEHIPHOPDIVA.COM spoke with Andrea M. Harrell about styling, fashion, and her career. Here’s what was said.

HHD: Briefly tell us your journey in your styling career that has led you to the point where you are today.

AMH: I think I took the more traditional route initally by going to school.  I graduated from University of Houston.  While I was in school I was actually working at a high-fashion boutique here that is actually closed down now.  I was really close with the owner and she kind of showed me some things and I was able to actually buy for her store.  I could incorporate my looks with the entire store which was awesome.  From there I went on to have two internships in New York.  I did a nerchandising internship.  I also did an internship with June Ambrose’s company, Mode Squad.  I came back to Houston after my internships and I saw a magazine, Jones Magazine.  They put me on as an intern.  I climbed the ladder there and I became the Fashion Editor of the magazine.

HHD: Image is very important for an entertainer.  For those who are just starting out in their careers and probably unable to afford a stylist, what is some advice you can offer about developing their style image?

AMH: Be true to yourself.  Everyone has an eye for what they like.  Anyone can go in a store and certain things will catch their eye based on their personality.  The person needs to know their artistry.  They need to try different things.  Go into it being fearless.

HHD: What was the most important lesson you learned from working with June Ambrose?

AMH: Confidentiality.  When you have certain clients you have to definitely keep certain things confidential.  But you have to put your best foot forward so they trust you.

HHD: How did you come up with the name Glamourotti?

AMH: A lot of people always ask me how I define my style.  I feel like my style incorporates two different things — quirkiness as well as being chic.  So the chic is the glamour and the quirkiness is otti.  I always thought otti was a word that was quirky.  It’s kind of reminiscent of Italy.

HHD: What sets Glamourotti apart from all the other styling companies?

AMH: I have a definite passion, a keen eye for style. I don’t do this just for the glitz and glamour.  I’m such a creative person I need that outlet.  I want to help people see what they can bring out from their inner self.  It’s not just about making money and meeting certain people.  It’s about helping people feel beetter about themselves.

HHD: What’s your process for styling someone?  Do you always use the latest trends?  Or, do you take preferences and find fabulous clothes to fit what they want?

AMH: Usually, when I style someone I sit down and I just really talk to them about their likes and dislikes.  I get a sense of their personality.  I ask them what they feel comfortable in, what they don’t feel comfortable in.  What colors complement them.  From there I can go through their closet and see which pieces are outdated.  I can turn them into something totally amazing that they never would have thought.  After that process we’ll do shopping and implement the new clothing into their wardrobe. Hopefully take pictures of some looks so they can have a quick day to day guide.

HHD: What are the Summer 2009 fashion trends for women?

AMH: What I’ve seen a lot of is neon, it could be neon nail polish.  I see a lot of foily silver, where it could be nail polish, handbag, or little clutch bag.  Denim jackets are definitely in .  Tie-dye is a really hot thing for summer.  Tie-dye has been implemented in shorts and a lot of different things.  There’s this new trend that’s like a platform sandal shoe bootie.  I really like it because it implements a lot of different styles into one shoe.

HHD: Who are your favorite female rappers and why?

AMH: It’s crazy because I was just talking about it with Dr. Teeth, the director I work with.  I was saying that there’s really not too many female rappers out right now.  No one’s coming with new material which sucks.  Of course Lil Kim’ s lyrics are amazing.  Queen Latifah, she’s pretty old school.  Her and MC Lyte definitely amazing.  Foxy, sometimes she’s cool.  I’m pretty big on lyrics and not conforming to what’s out there.

HHD: Where can we next look to see the work of Glamourotti?

AMH: I have a cartoon coming out Summer 2009.  By the end of August it shold be launching online.  That’s going to implement my fashion and writing skills all in one setting.  Dr. Teeth and I are working on a few things.  As soon as we get those plans solidified, you’ll see me in all the fashion in his videos.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

AMH: She definitely has attitude and confidence.  Attitude not necessarily being a bitchy attitude.  It’s kind of like ‘I’m not gonna take any bull cause I’ve already been through bull.’  She definitely has an eye for style.  She dares to wear certain things.  She’s fearless.  She’s confident with her body.  Most of the hip hop divas I’ve seen are pretty confident with their sexuality.

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  2. Ladystarz7 says:

    Young lady on the move doing things here in Houston! Houston take note Glamourotti is a cut above the rest.

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