Audra The Rapper


HHD: (THEHIPHOPDIVA): I saw in one of your interviews that you said Audra The Rapper is a lifestyle.  What do you mean by that?

ATR: (AUDRA THE RAPPER): I live, breathe, and eat this. It’s 100% of who and what I am. That’s
why I chose to use my real name cause this isn’t a gimmick. I rap for real not because it’s a scam to get money. If I only wanted money I would use my degree.

HHD: If you weren’t building a career as a hip hop artist what would you be doing?

ATR: I would probably be building my career as a writer. Writing for some of your favorite male rappers. Writing screenplays, movie scripts, and even poetry. But secretly..I’ve always been infatuated with the
Egyptian culture..I wanted to go to school to be an Egyptologist but there were no schools in my state that carried it as a study.

HHD: What do you love most about hip hop music?

ATR: The thing I love most about hip hop is the ability to create and paint any picture that your imagination allows.  I’ve always said and
believed that hip-hop is natural. The word play, comparisons, the story telling, and most important of all; the ability to vent!

HHD:  What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

ATR: My music invokes so many emotions, and moods. Because my lyrics connect with so many people the mere fact they relate to me will take them on an emotional roller coaster.

HHD: You speak a lot about how not having your father in your life affected you.  But what does it mean to you to have your mother’s

ATR: My mother’s support is tremendous. She enabled me to be raised with high standards and morals. She provided everything for me including my college education. She even had my back during my whole pursuit of a career in music, where most moms would’ve shut you up and told you to be a doctor.

HHD: If you had to choose who would you like your career to parallel and why?

ATR: Hands down Lauren Hill. She personifies creativity at it’s best. From her imagery to her style Lauren was able to invent a standard in music that wasn’t there before. Rapping or singing she was the pinnacle of both genres and paved the way for artists like Drake.

HHD: You’ve stated that you love taking risks and you would like that to come through in your music.  What risks do you feel you’ve taken

ATR: I’ve taken a lyrical stance which is a huge risk in a music world where fans are used to not having a choice. Once upon a time you could rap about anything you wanted to, back when rap had different categories. Now you either mysteriously filthy rich, a drug dealer, or a porn star in training. By me remaining lyrical I’m allowing my music to speak for itself and people are telling that it’s a breath of fresh air.

HHD: Is there an artist that you would love to collaborate with?  If so, who and why?

ATR: I would love to collaborate with Lauren Hill, Jay-Z, and Prince. It would be amazing to go bar for bar with my inspiration Lauren Hill. It would be like LeBron being able to play Jordan in his prime. Also rapping alongside our industry’s best – Jay-Z, would prove that a female could rise to the level of an icon. I would love to work with Prince because he shows such a rebellious spirit through his music and has paved the way for and blatantly influenced artists like Madana, Kelis, Rhianna, etc.

HHD: What’s going on with Audra The Rapper that we should be on the lookout for?

ATR: Definitely a deal in the very near future. I’m not one of those underground artist who are too cool for the system. I make my music to
be heard on a national and international platform. Imagine if Barack didn’t have a forum to be heard? He wouldn’t be president. And if I am going to make my mark I want the #1 audience ever.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

ATR: A hip hop diva is a female artist who has the appeal of the streets, a pop icon, and a rockstar; “half lady half thug” – Jha Jha. When I walk in the room people flock to me asking me who are you?, what do you do? It’s only a matter of time before I become a household name like

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