Babs Bunny

Photo by Ken Stein Photography

Photo by Ken Stein Photography

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM had a chance to speak with Babs Bunny.  Here’s what she had to say…


HHD: What is your first memory of hip hop?

BB:  My first memory of  hip hop actually is Public Enemy.  I have an uncle that’s 10 years older than me and he used to live downstairs from me.  He was a big Public Enemy fan and that was the first hip hop music I was introduced to.

HHD:  Who would you consider the top five rappers of all time?

BB:  Jay Z, MC Lyte, Biggie Smalls, N.W.A., P. Diddy

HHD:  Who has stood out and made a name for female rappers?

BB:  Lauryn Hill is the number one to me cause she went so big with it.  MC Lyte as far as lyrical and her whole swagger.

HHD:  What’s your personal view of the current role of female rappers?

BB:  I honestly think that most female rappers right now are wack.  Right now the game is messed up for males and females.  We as females are always the underdog.  Being that the game is so messed up, that’s why it’s so hard for us right now at this moment.  A lot of female rappers right now are trash.  It’s so much harder for the females that can spit.

HHD:  What do you mean by the game right now is messed up?

BB:  The music business as far as hip hop is all over the place right now.  The main thing is the artists that are at the point where they could bring on a new artist are not doing it.  I have a problem with that.  They not letting the new people in.

HHD:  Rappers are becoming household names.  Is it possible for females to achieve this kind of mainstream success right now?

BB:  Definitely! They waiting.  Even though there’s no female rappers out right now the people want it and they waiting.  I know there’s room for a female to do it big.  Lauryn Hill opened the doors for us and we gotta keep knocking ’em down. 

HHD:  Is there any advice, given your experiences, that you want to offer aspiring females in hip hop?

BB:  As women we are so emotional.  Females have to find themselves and be strong before they even try because they will break you down.  You gotta keep pushing.  The haters, that’s their job.  They’re gonna tell you you’re trash,  they’re gonna tell you you’re ugly, they’re gonna tell you everything to stop you.  You gotta keep striving and keep pushing.  Hard work pays off.  It takes time.  It’s all about sacrifice.  You gotta be strong.

HHD:  Where did you get Babs Bunny, the name, from?

BB:  Someone gave me that name in middle school.  Actually, a girl I used to roll with.  She used to tell me, “You act like Babs Bunny.”  And I just ran with it.  And I had it since I was 14 years old.

HHD:  If you could use one word to describe your lyrics and your rap style what would that word be?

BB:  Gumbo, because I’m a mixture of everything.

HHD:  What can we expect to hear from your First Lady of the Streets album?

BB:  I’m putting out a classic.  That’s the best way to describe it and that’s what the game is missing.  I’m working on an album to where you can clean your whole house and not skip one record.  I’m missing that type of music and those types of albums.  That’s what I’m working on and what I’m going to deliver.

HHD:  What is the F.E.M. movement?

BB:  Females Earning Money and it’s about unity amongst females.  We’re looking for women that’s strong-minded and trying to get to the top in whatever they do in life.  It’s a bunch of females that’s trying to do something with their life.  We all came together and we help each other with whatever it is.

HHD:  What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

BB:  My definition of a hip hop diva is a female that is strong-minded, ain’t gonna take no bullshit, and wants to win.  That’s what makes a diva to me.  I consider myself to be on the top of that list.

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