Bajita Singh

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM had the opportunity to get some of Bajita Singh’s opinions on modeling and women in hip hop. Here’s what she had to say.

HHD: As a model you believe your eyes are your best body part because they are windows to your soul.  Can you explain what you mean by this?

  1. BS:  I believe this to be so because a lot of our emotions and underlying truths are hidden deep within our eyes! I feel when I model that I want to convey a specific mood or emotion. The first thing I think about is portraying that emotion through my eyes and then with the rest of my body! The eyes are a great tool for modeling; like Tyra Banks says, smile with your eyes!

HHD: What led you to becoming the lead model and actress in music videos, commercials, and films for Murdercap Records?

BS: The CEO of Murdercap Records, Jerome Almon, was scouting models high and low through various outlets to find his main lead model and the right face and personality to represent his record label! I met Jerome in NYC by chance and he thought I was already a high-end fashion model and immediately asked me to join the project as the lead model! He told me he had gone through over 100,000 photos looking for the right face-and here it is he finds me stepping out of a taxi! He saw the whole package with me that he wanted as the face for his record label; vibrancy, elegance, sex appeal, and the fact that I could work many different styles and characters! From there we started talking about the many projects and I took an immediate interest in them so we signed the contract! Right place right time!

HHD: What do you hope to gain from your experience with Murdercap Records?

BS: The projects that I am working on with Murdercap Records are truly unique and each has its own theme and personality that I have to embody through the characters and different elements that I must bring to the table every time! The print ad campaigns, such as the one coming up in XXL, are HUGE-41 pages of mostly me and the rappers, The Virus and Gitty Gutta from THE BLAKKATTAKK!Through my work with Murdercap Records I hope to expand as a model/actress and hope to gain new experiences that will help me with future projects!

HHD: In previous interviews you have explained why you like modeling.  But, what attracted you to modeling in the first place?

BS: The thing that I like most about modeling is the very thing that attracted me to become a model as well; I love the diversity and the fact that you can create so many different facets to beauty and art through expressions, body movements, posing, costumes, make-up, etc… There are endless possibilities to what one can create in the world of modeling and acting and endless ways to invoke certain emotions and send certain messages through the art that is created each time with each click of the camera!

HHD: What have you learned from modeling in the hip hop industry?

BS: Modeling in the hip hop industry is fun, sexy and fresh. However a lot of people seem to believe that there is a certain stereotype that follows hip hop models with all of the booty-shaking, skin baring, and coarse lyrics that we often see associated with hip hop! The vision of Murdercap Records is to break that stereotype and bring class, elegance and sophistication, along with the sex appeal, to all of their ads, music videos, commercials, magazine spreads, and basically everything that we do visually! We’re hoping to revolutionize the image of hip hop in that it will no longer be looked at in a negative way but a positive, fashionable and artistic way! Hip hop has taught me to not limit myself and to enhance my entrepreneurial side; take chances artistically and be bold and in control as a woman!

HHD: Who are your favorite hip hop artists?

BS: I have quite a few favorite hip hop artists, some of which are The Blakkattack, Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, Timbaland, and back-in- the-day I was a big fan of Salt-n-Pepa!

HHD: Who would you say are the most influential female contributors to hip hop and why?

BS: MC Lyte and Eve have to be near the top of the list with Aaliyah, Beyonce, TLC, and Queen Latifah and of course Mary J Blige! They tell our story as women in a way that had never been told before and hip hop gave them the audience of billions of people to tell those stories to, unfiltered!  Hip hop ladies are not just great to women, but the fellas have a lot of respect for them too! They’re great role models for all females, especially young girls!  It is very empowering to have female artists so well known, soulful and respected, which wasn’t necessarily the case prior to hip hop!

HHD: What are your long-term career goals?

BS: I want to continue on in acting and modeling for as long as I can! There are always new goals and new achievements that I set out to attain personally and professionally but I am in my element in this industry! When I finish with the shoots for Murdercap Records, I am heading to Germany to work with the label’s designer for my own fashion line! I want to be in a position to help other female artist, models, writers, and entrepreneurs get into the business and flourish! Hopefully, I will be in a position soon to give some breaks like the one I got!

HHD: What is the most difficult obstacle you have had to overcome as a model?

BS: I would probably say the haters! Be they male or female, when you are out to make something of yourself too many people show the seven deadly sins rather than support you! They would rather nit-pick and cause drama instead of appreciating and encouraging someone else’s success! It’s sad but human nature tends to prevail in that way! I’ve also had a hard time dealing with inappropriate proposals from so-called professionals in this industry! A lot of girls out there are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make it in this highly competitive industry and so a lot of people in power positions try to take advantage of such things…I’ve never compromised my dignity and self-respect to get to where I am and I am proud of that fact and would encourage all the other girls trying to make it in this industry to do the same! Love yourself and believe in yourself enough not to make that compromise! But most of the business has been full of great and really exciting opportunities; I love my job!

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

BS: To me a hip hop diva is bold, fierce, sexy, smart, driven, and confident.  A 21st century girl who wants it all and will get it all, no limits, no constraints, no holding back! We all aspire to be better than we are every day and go the furthest mile to achieve our goals! A true hip hop diva is back strong, and she is out to conquer the world by any means necessary!

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2 Responses to Bajita Singh

  1. MAX says:

    GREAT interview and Bajita is one fine redbone!

  2. junior says:

    wow this girl looks like an alien i dont see it…at alll

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