Blu Ecstacy

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM had the pleasure of speaking with the well spoken and articulate Blu Ecstacy with the broken flow.  Here’s what she had to say.

HHD: You began to seriously rap in 2008.  What led to that decision?

BE:  I always freestyled and rapped to various instrumentals but never took it seriously.  It was just something we did all the time.  I had stopped listening to a lot of music cuz I wasn’t feeling what was on the radio and I actually heard Lil Wayne’s Drought 3 mixtape and got inspired to pick up the pen.

HHD: Introduce yourself to the world.  Who is Blu Ecstacy?

BE:  I am a female rapper who enjoys all types of art and music.  I’m a creative individual that just wants to bring my life experiences past and present to those who want to hear it.

HHD: Describe your musical and lyrical style.

BE: My flow is sort of laid back and broken at times. I may spit a few bars and then connect a few.  I just go with the flow of the track.  I can’t really label my style. I hope I never can  put a label on it.  I want my flow to reflect how I’m feeling when I wrote the track.

HHD: What are you bringing to the table that’s currently missing?

BE: I just want to bring another female to a male dominated industry.  I wouldn’t say something is currently missing.  Something may be currently missing in mainstream hip hop but there are a lot of very talented female rappers that are underground that haven’t broken through to mainstream but they are very hot.  So let’s say a large number of mainstream female rappers is what’s missing.  Honestly, I’ve heard MANY lyrical females, but a label has to believe they can market you in order to sign you.  That has a lot to do with it.

HHD: What are your goals for your rap career?

BE: My goal is to make good music.  I would like for my music to be heard but I would like to remain underground. I want to say what I want and do it how I want.  I don’t want someone telling me what I can and can’t say.  Indie/underground is good for me.

HHD: Who are your favorite rappers and why?

BE: Jay Z  because of where he started and where he is now.  With any song of his, I can actually see it play out in my head.    I love Lil Wayne’s metaphor game.  Every song I’m wondering “How in the hell did he think of that, especially when he doesn’t write”. Amazing.  Drake, let’s just say he is doing something that no one has done before.  He could probably have an R&B and Hip Hop album in the Top 10 at the same time.  I think after he is established, he should make an R&B album as well.  I can hear him sing all day long.  LOL. Joe Budden,,,lyrical genius, marketing/grind genius.  I love him, and those that hate him, still can’t deny his grind and genius. Nicki Minaj, she is bringing something different and fun.  A lot of people don’t like her and I don’t see why.  She can be lyrical or have fun.  People should realize that.  She is on the verge of doing big things.  She is changing what a “Female Rapper Deal” means. Lauryn Hill , You can’t even classify her, she’s not a singer, a rapper, or an actress. She’s Lauryn Hill. Andre 3000, his flow, his lyrics, the tone of his voice.  He kills everything.

HHD: Which female rapper would you life for your career to mirror and why?

BE: As far as longevity, I would have to say Trina.  She has been in the game for a very long time w/ no signs of slowing down.  As for any other aspect, it has yet to happen.  If it is meant for me, I would like to create my on career path.

HHD: Complete this sentence.  When you listen to a Blue Ecstasy song…

BE: You wonder what is this girl on??? LOL.

HHD: What projects are you working on right now that we should be on the lookout to support?

BE: I’m doing a lot of collabs and I’m finishing up my mixtape The Effects of Ecstacy Vol 1.  It should be droping this spring.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

BE: A hip hop diva is a woman that is in tune with the streets but all about her business.  She will stay on her grind determinded to achieve success.

Check out Blu Ecstacy:

Follow her on twitter at Blu_Ecstacy

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