Chella H

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM talked it up with Underground DIVA of the Week, Chella H.  Here’s what was said.

HHD: You were born and raised in the roughest projects in Chicago without a father and with a mother on drugs until you were 14.  How different now is your life from then?

CH: I’m older.  The money still ain’t in yet.  It’s sill kinda like the same cause I’m still grinding.  I have my own son so I’m pretty much raising him to go in the path I didn’t go.  I still live in the same hood.  I’m trying to grind and get my project off the ground.

HHD: When did you begin rapping?  What led you to start rapping?

CH: As a child I have always been a writer.  I’ve been on and off for a minute now since I was like 14.  With me raising my son and tough times I’ve had in my life kind of caused me not to go as hard.  Right now is the first time I’m able to go hard and just give it my all because with me having a teenage son it’s kind of rough for him.  But now I have his support so I can just go in.  So I’m really just starting over.

HHD: I read that music has such an impact on your life.  When you can’t eat or sleep you can still write music.  Why do you have such a strong connection to music?

CH: It’s just a relaxation for me.  Just listening to music from other artists that have inspired me is so fulfilling.

HHD: What do your listeners get from listening to your music?

CH: Most of my music is not just strictly for girls that live like I live but it’s my expression.,  There’s a lot of girls that feel like me.  In saying I’m a high-class hood rat, it’s not to degrade women or say that I’m a hood rat but a high-class hood rat is a girl from the hood who found a way to eat.

HHD: You said your music should fall under the Inspirational/Gospel category because it’s the truth.  What do you feel is inspiring about the stories you have to share?

CH: Just how I grew up — mama on drugs, having a baby at 15.  I just want people to know that they don’t have to feel like ‘Okay, I had a baby and my life is over.’  You can get out here regardless of how you do it.  Girls who just come from the bottom, I try to talk them out stuff.  I let people know that it can be done.  Even for younger girls who might have they mama doing lines in front of them like I did.  A lot of kids end up following in their parents’ footsteps.  It made me not ever want to do a drug and to be the opposite.  Girls who have babies young, instead of smoking weed in front of your child and drinking, you can raise your child to be a whole other person.

HHD: Who do you feel will relate most to your music and why?

CH: Girls from the hood, single mothers, girls that ain’t from the hood but want to be from the hood…Girls that deal with real life situations.

HHD: Get It Girlz Inc. is a woman empowerment organization you founded in 2006.  How can women get involved in the organization if they would like to?

CH: Right now we did a cutoff.  We’re focusing on my project and getting it off the ground.  Most of the girls are girls I grew up with.  We’re focusing on making sure everybody got their job duty and doing what needs to be done.

HHD: What do you find most fulfilling in working with Get It Girlz Inc.?

CH: My favorite thing is the Back-to-School Picnic that we do for the kids.  Every year we fill up 200 book bags.  We do it right in the hood.  I’m not signed, I don’t have no money.  I’m the only person that do this right out my pocket.

HHD: Right now I know you’re really focused on your project and getting that completed and out the door.  What’s out there right now that you want us to know about so we can be sure to go out and support?

CH: My project will be out within the next month.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

CH: A hip hop diva to me is somebody that got love for the whole hip hop community.  A diva is somebody that’s on they shit.  It don’t got to be a prissy person.  Classy, keep themselves up, looking good, smelling good, and they just the shit overall.

Check Chella H out here:

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