Clyde Carson

Clyde Carson

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM spoke with Clyde Carson to see if he could shed some light on the females in hip hop. It’s nice to have a man’s perspective. Here’s what he had to say…


HHD:  Who are the top three female rappers and why?

CC:  Lil Kim, Shawnna, I like Remy.  Remy Ma, I gotta hear her when she come out of jail, for real though.  I think Biggie is one of the dopest MCs and I hear a lot of Biggie in Lil Kim.  I like the way she rap.  It’s dope, know what I mean.  A lot of the female artists’ biggest problem is to capture the male audience.  Shawnna, I just think is dope.  Remy, I like her streetness.   I always liked Da Brat.  I think Da Brat appealed to both sides.  Missy is like the Diddy of the women.  As far as straight MCs, I gotta give it to the first three I named.

HHD:  What is your take on the role of females in hip hop?  Do you think right now in the current state of hip hop the women have the ability to get it just as big as the men in hip hop?

CC:  I feel like hip hop is a dominant force in the world.  Hip hop is equivalent to rock and roll.  Hip hop is really branching out to where it’s bigger than hip hop.  I’m not looking for a new female MC, I’m not even looking for a MC.  I think it’s just about who is making good music.  It’s all about the music.  They just have to come with the total package.  Nobody wants anything subpar.  Everybody wants a superstar.  We just haven’t found one yet. 

HHD:  Is it better for a female to make it if she’s part of a group of men?  Is it easier for a woman if a male MC features her on his music?

CC:  It’s all about the music.  Khia had my neck and my back.  We listened to it because the song was hot.  Men jumped on that.  Too Short made a remix.  It’s all about the music.  If she don’t have a hit who fucking cares?

HHD:  Could you describe what you think a hip hop diva is?

CC:  It’s an all the way around entertainer, bad ass bitch.  She does it all.  That’s a diva.

HHD:  What one word would you use to describe your style of rapping?

CC:  Universal

Listen to Clyde Carson’s new single “Secret Lover” featuring Rico Love and let me know if you think he’s universal. 

Clyde Carson “Secret Lover”

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