Dat Gurl Netta

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM spoke with Underground DIVA of the Week, Dat Gurl Netta, to give you more insight into who she is and what she is bringing to hip hop.  Here it is.

HHD(HIPHOPDIVA): Last year you were nominated for “Slept on Artist” at the 2010 S.E.A. Awards.  I see on your website this year you’re campaigning to be nominated for the same award.  Why do you feel you’re slept on?

DGN(DAT GURL NETTA): I feel like my music speaks for itself.  I actually talk about something men and women can relate to.  I talk about what’s going on in real life, not just what everybody else wants to hear.

HHD: You’ve had a lot of online success with your music.  Last year you landed a distribution deal with Universal Records.  How’s that deal been working out for you so far?

DGN: I’m taking my time with the deal because I’m waiting for when I put together something worthwhile before I use what they’ve given me.

HHD: Talk to us about your promotional label, G.A.M.E.  What have you done so far for underexposed artists?

DGN: Most artists aren’t computer savvy. They don’t know what to do when they come online.  They just upload music to myspace and hope that somebody listen to it not knowing that they have to do somthing to get people there.  G.A.M.E.  just offers that extra push.  We do what we can to try and help them if they don’t know what to do.

HHD: You seem to have a lot of internet exposure and success.  Have you received the same amount of success on the streets, in terms of turnout at your shows?

DGN: Most definitely.  I’m from Houston but I moved to San Antonio.  I’m doing better than I was doing back in Houston because now I can go to a club and when I walk in the DJ knows I’m there and they play my music.  The feedback that I’m getting is great.

HHD: We don’t hear too many emcees, females in particular, who twist when they flow.  Did you set out to flow lik that or did it just come naturally?

DGN: It just came naturally. (laughs)

HHD: There are a lot of sexual references in your lyrics.  Are you just a sexual person and it comes out in your music or is the subject matter strategic?

DGN: I want to say the subject matter is strategic.  It’s a lot of “freaks” nowadays.

HHD: You released your first EP October ’08.  Was this when you began flowing or was this when you were ready to begin releasing your music to the greater public?

DGN: I had been flowing for a minute but that’s when I as ready to take the next step.

HHD: If you can use one word to define your lyrical and musical style what would it be?

DGN: Unique

HHD: Your second mixtape, “Behind Closed Doors”, is set to release this month.  Let us know what we can expect to hear from it.

DGN: You’re gonna expect to hear anything that will  set the mood for anybody in a relationship and what they do behind closed doors.,

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

DGN: Any female that is goal-oriented, strong, humble…finding that motivation, that inspiration…being yourself.

Check out Dat Gurl Netta out at www.datgurlnetta.com.  Download her mixtape “Officially Sexy” here.


2 Responses to Dat Gurl Netta

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  2. Faith Haraji says:

    Absolutely Amazing!! Love her

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