DJ Diamond Kuts

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM got DJ Diamond Kuts to dish on her career goals and how she feels about all that she has accomplished thus far.  Here’s what she had to say.

HHD: You DJ locally in Philly on Power 99 FM, across the country at various clubs and parties, and co-host BET’s “The Deal”.  Right now you’re very busy.  What do you hope all of this does for your career?

DK: I hope to be remembered as one of the best female DJ’s of all time, but more importantly this is what I love to do. My reward is being able to do this for a living.

HHD: You are now in your second season of “The Deal”.  What do you like most about doing the show?

DK: What I love most about doing the show is the fact that I have an opportunity to grow as a TV host and being able to meet so many great people.

HHD: What made you decide to build your career around being a DJ?

DK: I decided to build my career around being a DJ because I am absolutely obsessed with turntables, music and the smile I put on people’s faces when I play their favorite songs.  DJing is the starting point for everything I’ve done thus far, like TV, touring, mixtapes, etc.

HHD: A lot of people may think DJing is a glamorous career.  You spin music at the hottest clubs and the radio as well as working with and hanging out with the hottest hip hop artists.  Identify one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career that puts things in perspective.

DK: The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my career was from going from a radio and club DJ to a DJ that was actually spinning and cutting records on TV.

HHD: You are still young yet accomplished so much thus far.  Ten years from now what do you hope to be doing?

DK: Ten years from now I hope to have already gotten into acting, have at least 1 album under my belt and, of course, still DJjing.

HHD: Other than purchasing your DJ starter kit for Christmas, what influence did your father have on your career?

DK: My father was all about music and he loved hip-hop.  Watching his love for music helped me understand it and take what I do more seriously.

HHD: When you got your first permanent position on the radio, recall that experience and how you felt.

DK: When I first got my permanent position on the radio, I was excited from the moment I got hired.  I felt like my DJ career had officially begun.

HHD: You’ve said that you want to be respected as a good DJ, period.  What do you think it will take from you to achieve that goal?

DK: To achieve this goal I have to continue to improve my craft and make sure I do my best every chance I get.

HHD: Right now you are preparing for your mixtape this summer, “HerStory in the Making: The Mixtape.”  Let us know what we should expect from it.

DK: Fans can expect my upcoming mixtape to be a variety of music: Hip Hop, R&B and even songs with a little pop groove to them.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

DK: A Hip Hop Diva is a girl whose confident, holds herself with respect and lives and breathes all things Hip Hop.

Check DJ Diamond Kuts out:

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