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THEHIPHOPDIVA spoke with The Mixin’ Vixen about why she chose radio and what makes a record stand out.  Here’s what was said.

HHD (HIPHOPDIVA): You started your career in radio while in college at Fisk University, which is something you always wanted to do.  Why radio?

DD(DJ Dimepiece): My mom, to kind of keep us busy, she bought us a tape recorder.  I used to rap and I would make mixtapes of me rapping and things like that.  I would do my own commercials and own radio show.  I was my own entity of playing music.  I had a big imagination growing up.  After doing different types of speaking engagements I knew that some type of broadcasting is what I wanted to do.

HHD: It seems like from the start of your career as a DJ you had the support of already established male DJs.  Did you encounter any obstacles as a female with gaining respect for your craft?

DD: It took a lot to get that.  We’re looked at as a female first and then oh, and she’s a DJ.  You’re a female so your skills are being second guessed.  You have to have tough skin, a good head on your shoulders, and keep God first.

HHD: You set out to work in radio and you accomplished that.  You set out to become a DJ, you accomplished that.  What’s up next for you to accomplish in your career?

DD: I don’t really operate like off of plans.  If I think of something or I really want to do something it’s set in my heart that it’s gonna happen.  As for my future it’s endless opportunity.  I wanna do tv.  Right now I have my music conference, I want to expand that and take it to higher places.  I want to be syndicated on various radio stations.

HHD: As a DJ, you are somewhat responsible for giving the mainstream or the public the hottest new music.  When you get ne w hat are you listening for to determine if it’s something you’ll spin or not?

DD: I’m listening to see if it’s a hit.  The demo that I’m spinning to is 18-34, majority females.  I’m making sure that these records cater to them.  When I’m DJing on the radio or the club I know that I need to get my ladies on the floor.

HHD: Some may say that there’s not a market for female emcees which is why they remain in the background.  What’s your take on this point?

DD: I definitely think there’s a door or opportunity for female emcees.  Right now it’s like we have the tendency to have just one hot female artist.  If you look at the males there’s tons of hot rappers.  Some males kind of turn us against each other.  We need to come together like the guys do and make it happen.

HHD: Some up and coming or independent artists feel that DJs aren’t as willing these days to break new artists that don’t have major backing.  What is your take on this?

DD: It is what it is.  People aren’t going to know who you are and it’s going to be hard.  That shouldn’t discourage you.  What you should do as an artist is continue to make a presence.  Get your fan base up.  Get your twitter game up.  If you do those elements, you don’t have to pursue us, we’ll come to you.

HHD: Are there any artists that you’ll always throw in the mix because you know no matter what they’ll always make it hot?

DD: In my region I know that anything that has to do with Gucci Mane in the club or the radio. I do know right now that Drake is winning.

HHD: Who would you rank as the top five female hip hop artists and why?

DD: Beyonce, I like how she constantly reinvents herself.  Nicki Minaj, I like how she sets herself apart.  Jasmine Sullivan, she recently came back with a record that I been blazing these past few weeks.  Mary J Blige and my last artist…ummmmm….I’m gonna go with Monica. I dig her style as an artist, entrepreneur, and mother. 

HHD: Let everybody know what you got going on right now and where they can find you.

DD: You can catch me on the air radio Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 2 am on 101.1 The Wiz based in Cincinnati.  You can listen online at  Eery Wednesday at 10:00 I Ustream live.  I’m nominated for “Best Female DJ of the Year” at the IDJ Awards.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

DD: You have to be of the hip hop culture.  You have to live the culture.  You gotta have a style, your fashion game on point, and be a lady at all times and represent to the fullest.

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  1. DOPE! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Totally appreciate it!

    Much love!

    -DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”

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