Dorrough Music

Dorrough Music

Mr. Walk that Walk talked to THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM to express his views on women in hip hop. Here’s what he had to say.


HHD:  What inspired you to become a rapper?

DM:  I always had a passion for music since I was little.  I started putting music out there and allowing them to listen to it.  They thought I had a distinct voice and influenced me to pursue it.

HHD:  Who would you say are the top five MCs of all time?

DM:  You gotta always credit Pac and Biggie.  I like T.I.  I like Lil Wayne, Ludacris.  There’s so many it’s hard to pick five.

HHD:  Who do you think are the three female MCs that made a mark in hip hop?

DM:  Shawnna and Rasheeda cuz they actually got a swag.  A lot of females got that female swag but it’s all similar.  Then you gotta give it to Trina cuz she did her thang with it.  I gotta give it to them three.

HHD:  How do you feel about the current role of females in hip hop?

DM:  Hip hop definitely gotta include females.  Missy Elliott hold her own swag and influenced the game to go a different way.

HHD:  Do you think it’s important to have female representation in hip hop and why?

DM:  Female respresentation is a good part of hip hop.  Females are more likely to be more loyal fans and they work hard.

HHD:  What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

DM:  Someone who really knows what hip hop is.  Someone who believes in hip hop.

HHD:  Is your name Dorrough or Dorrough Music?

DM:  Dorrough is my last name and everybody called me Dorrough when I used to ball.  Dorrough Music is the name I’m branding, know what I’m saying.

HHD:  What’s Prime TIme Click?

DM:  A group of artists I rap with.

HHD:  What is one word to describe your lyrical style?

DM:  Creative and original.

HHD:  Is it important to you to have women as fans and if so, why?

DM:  Those are gone be the ones that’s real loyal.  They gone purchase your product.  They gone visit your myspace.  They promote you.  They buy the i-tunes.  they do all that, know what I’m saying.  They be more loyal as a fan.

HHD:  What other projects are you working on right now?

DM:  I just dropped a mixtape that will be out in two weeks.  We working on an album that’s dropping third quarter, self-titled Dorrough Music.

HHD:  Who makes the dances up?

DM:  I never made up not one dance.  I put the song out, I go look on Youtube and it’s a dance to it.

HHD:  How does it feel for your music to influence people like that?

DM:  It feels good.  The music made them feel that way and I kinda like that.

Check out Dorrough Music’s latest single “Ice Cream Paint Job”. This song and “Walk that Walk” are available on i-tunes so support this new artist if you feeling his music Divas.

Dorrough Music “Ice Cream Paint Job”

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