Durty Flow

Hailing from Savannah, Georgia Durty Flow’s lyrics aren’t so dirty.  Instead, he uses his lyrical skill to convey messages, messages that tell his life story and experiences.  Writing rhymes is what he does.  It’s what he’s been doing since a young child and when he’s not writing for himself he’s ghostwriting for others.  THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM had the chance to speak with Durty flow about how he got his early start in rapping and what we can expect from his soon to be released mixtape.  Heres’ what he had to say.

HHD: At the age of seven, your older cousin wrote rhymes and you delivered them.  What inspired you to do this?

DF: I really got into the political aspect, the real hip hop you know.

HHD: What does a seven year old rap about?

DF: Wow, that was so long ago.  I was what you would call back then a conscious rapper.

HHD: You’re an artist, but also a ghostwriter for other artists.  What is your take on hip hop artists who don’t write their own rhymes?

DF: That’s really like putting my foot in my mouth.

HHD: As a ghostwriter how do you maintain your style when writing music for yourself yet at the same time take a step back from your style when writing for others?

DF: Basically I put my best foot forward with any project I do.  I ry to check wiht that artist and kind of get their mojo or what kind of angle they’re going with.

HHD: Speaking of style, what is your lyrical and musical style?

DF: It’s lyrical and half poetic, the best of both.

HHD: Who are your musical influences?

DF: Isley Brothers, James Brown, Gladys Knight and in hip hop Tupac, Big, just to name a few. 

HHD: How did you get the name Durty Flow?

DF: Coming from Georgia, when you come up to the north they judge you by how you talk.  I used to call everybody durty like, ‘You durty let’s go to the store.’  So they started calling me durty since I was calling everybody durty.

HHD: Which female rapper when paired up with you will form the perfect collaboration and why?

DF: Lauryn Hill, I like her style.  It’s raw, it’s real.

HHD: Tell us about your mixtape dropping in January.

DF: I’m a get lyrical with it and just jump off the walls.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

DF: Being yourself, you’re classy, you don’t let too much get to you.  You stay in your own little lane.

Check out “The Message”.

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