Ebony Eyez

Underground DIVA of the Week, Ebony Eyez talks about her rap career thus far and future plans.  Here’s what was said.

HHD: This may be a little weird to ask, but did you write your own bio?  It reads as if it is straight from your mouth.  If so, why did you make that choice?

EE: Yes i did writet it…lol. I chose to write it because first and foremost I’m a writer. As an artist who better knows where I come from, where I’m at and where I’m trying to go better than I do. I felt like people put a little too much emphasis on your past work and not enough on your future endeavors.

HHD: Can you talk to us about your journey from being signed to a major label, Capitol Records, and leading up to you now having your own record label, Lady Lion Ent.?

EE: Well I can only speak for myself and my situation, but having a major deal can be a great experience if you have the right team of people behind you that believe in what you do. If that’s not the case, such as my situation, it can become very stressful and unpleasant watching everything you’ve worked so hard for go down the drain b/c of situations totally out of your control. So after the storm cleared with all that I just decided I would like to put and trust my career in my own hands this time.

HHD: You are a multi-talented individual.  All of your talents seem to fit together nicely in terms of being an artist — rapping; writing songs, a book, and scripts; and business savviness.  What are your long-term career goals?  Where do you want all of this to take you?

EE: Thank you. I just want to leave this earth knowing I contributed something with my words. I’m learning more about film production and engineering. I’m very into being hands on with things, that way I can get the most out of what I’m doing as far as music and movies. In the words of Trey Songz and Drake “I just wanna be successful”, leave my mark that I was here.

HHD: Let’s talk about the music.  Describe your lyrical style.

EE: My style is very rebellious, vigilante like. Its also hypocritical at times, as well as soft and nuturing. I just try to stay honest and speak from the heart at all times. Being a woman, even a person for that matter, we evoke all types of feelings and I think that’s what I represent. The ups n downs, the triumphs, the failures, the love, the pain…

HHD: Who are your musical influences?

EE: I just am in love with music as a whole. From Garth Brooks to UGK, from Chris Daughtry to 2 Pac. Of course I was heavily influenced by the likes of Salt N Pepa, Mc Lyte, Latifah, Yo Yo, Lil Kim, Foxy, Bahamadia, the list goes on of the women that came before me. I just try to always remain myself , not a carbon copy of those ladies.

HHD: Why do nice girls finish last?

EE: That’s a great question, and I’m still pondering on the answer. From what I see when you’re a woman in any male dominated field whose nice, (meaning good at what she does), and  not willing to sleep with anyone to get to the top, it can be very dificult to get where you rightfully deserve to be. Versus a women who will do any and everything to get there, but in the end usually won’t last long anyway. Also when you’re nice as a person people can mistake your kindness for weakness and try to walk over you. So I’ve learned you have to have a balance otherwise you will end up last.

HHD: Name your picks for the top three female emcess of all time and the reasons behind your picks.

EE: Myself (you know  I had to), Lauryn Hill, Salt N Pepa, ooh that’s not right only 3,hmmm.
I say myself for obvious reasons.  I know how long and hard I’ve worked to attain the skill and how serious I take the caft. I can battle with the best of them or make songs with the best of them, as well as rock the stage. I say Lauryn b/c I think she speaks from the heart with such style and grace, and has great social commentary. Lastly, I chose Salt N Pepa because I’ve always thought they did such a well job on keeping the femininity in the game, but in a respectful manner. They always had women anthems, and dope dance routines, outfits,and hairdos, trendsetters for real.

HHD: You have a song writing team, Rizan, that specializes in writing material for artists of all musical genres.  What is your view on emcees not writing their own rhymes?

EE: Yes I do. I use to not really respect it a lot until the last few years, once I understood the business aspect more. I mean its an artform, some maybe naturally gifted with the writing others with the delivery and some with both. So who am I to say a person doesn’t derserve to be on b/c they didnt write it. Singers and actors do it all the time. I myself just wouldn’t choose to have someone write for me because this is what I do.

HHD: Your mixtape, “Nice Girlz Finish Last” dropped on August 19th.  But what other projects do you have going on that we should be aware of?

EE: It’s very early in the process but I’ve been doing some writing for Tiny’s girl group OMG Girlz. They have some very dope material. As well as working on my album and next mixtape. I’m just keeping busy and trying to make my next move my best move.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

EE: Well if a diva is a female version of a hustler, lol, i say a hip hop diva is a woman that’s about her business. While others are busy talking  about doing, she’s actually busy getting it done.

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