Gloss Da Boss

Gloss Da Boss is a self-named urban suburban DIVA due to the urban flavor she brings to her music despite being raised in the suburbs of Atlanta.  Pursuing a career in music is only natural for someone whose parents have built careers in the industry. It’s no surprise that at a very early age, 13, she began to take music serious after spending her early childhood watching her father work.  In 2010 she released her first mixtape, Gloss World: The Introduction, and is currently working on her second project.  Despite being an up and coming artist Gloss Da Boss has had the pleasure of working with established industry professionals such as Don Cannon and Trina.  When she is not working on her stage presence, writing rhymes, or in the studio this young DIVA is running a reading initiative she launched in 2010 to help combat illiteracy amongst middle and high school students called “Be A Boss” THEHIPHOPDIVA spoke with Gloss Da Boss about her influences, musical style, and collaborating with female hip hop artists.  Check out why this boss is so glossy.

HHD (THEHIPHOPDIVA): You began performing at 13, so it’s safe to say that pretty early on you knew you wanted to do music.  What led you to that decision and were your parents supportive early on?

GDB (GLOSS DA BOSS): My parents are the ones who made me want to pursue a career in music. My dad started off as a DJ in New York before I was born. They tell me all the time how he had his studio equipment set up next to our bed. He was always really active in the music scene. Then we came down here [Atlanta] and he got with different artists and started managing them. So I was always on the sets of videos and in the studio with him and his artists. I just remember watching them writing in their composition notebooks and going in the booth. As a child, no matter what it is, good or bad, if you see an older person doing something you want to do it too. I always had a love for hip hop, even at an early age.  I would watch Sesame Street but also listen to “Reasonable Doubt” by Jay Z and Outkast and Nas and Biggie…I always had a love for hip hop.  One thing about my parents, is even though they raised me around that lifestyle they never shoved it down my throat. They always said, “If this is what you wanna do you gotta work hard”. They’ve been supportive of me from day one.

HHD: You’ve stated you’ve been influenced by Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, and Lil Kim. How have they influenced your music?

GDB: Well, actually I’m influenced by all female rappers for the simple fact that it is a tough industry and it’s a male dominated industry.  If you’re out here doing your thing I salute you, I respect you.  I just love each one of those female emcees named because even though they were in the same field they all brought something different to the table. I wouldn’t say my music sounds like theirs.  But as far as delivery and flow, I would say that I have listened to them for many years, studied them and saw how they flipped it, and now I’m doing my thing. It’s 2011 and I’m trying to put my own sound into the industry.

HHD: Who is Gloss Da Boss?

GDB: I am an artist. I rap, I sing, I dance, I song write. I’m 21 years old on the grind being the boss that I say that I am. I’m pretty much just pursuing a dream. I’m shooting videos.  I have a mixtape out right now actually, “Gloss World: The Introduction”, which they can download at I’ve had the opportunity to work with some cool producers – Beethoven, Don Cannon, Toomp showed me love.  I’m just really out here doing my thing and working hard to get my name out there and keep the buzz flowing.

“On Me”

HHD: With so many new artists out there why should we take the time to listen to your music and get to know you as an artist?  What separates you from the rest?

GDB: Just the sound itself.  I like to call my music urban suburban. I was born in Harlem but raised in the suburbs in Atlanta but still raised around hip hop. I feel like there’s a lot of versatility.  I know that might sound a little cliché but at the same time I wasn’t just raised around hip hop.  I was raised around all different genres of music and I feel like that’s an advantage that I have. If I’m in Lady Gaga mode I can go into the studio and do a pop record. If I’m in a hip hop mood I’ll go to the studio and do a soulful DJ Premier sounding record.   If people give me the time you never know what you might like. I can’t please everyone, but if you give me a listen, there is a lot to choose from. I want you to have different sounds and I want to let you know that I can pretty much do it all. I’m working on my stage show so if you pay to see me the performances and the shows are very entertaining, very live.

HHD: So far you’ve worked with Rasheeda, Princess, and Trina.  Are there any other female hip hop artists you would like to work with in the future?

GDB: I’ve worked with Gangsta Boo as well. I’m trying to work on something right now with another female rapper. I love showing that female artists can work together without biting each other’s heads off. Definitely, I would love to work with other females in the game.

HHD: Are there any in particular?

GDB: Nicki Minaj, definitely. Kim…there’s so many female rappers…Lauryn Hill, Missy, that would be awesome. That’s just to name a few.  Any female artists I’m willing to work with.

“A Million”

HHD: Using one word describe your music.

GDB: Glossy (giggles)

HHD: What do you want listeners to experience when they hear your music?

GDB:  Some records are for a good time.  I do have my club bangers. Some records I may be talking about a guy and that might help some females get inspired leave to leave a dude that’s not treating her right. I want my female listeners to know that they’re that ill and that they’re a boss.

HHD: In today’s music industry it’s important to be well rounded hence Gloss Da Mogul.  What makes you a mogul?

GDB: I’m 21 years old pursuing a dream.  That doesn’t just go for me.  Anyone can have a dream and actually pursue it and they’ll be a boss too. I’m very hands on with my project. I’m still very young and I still have a lot to learn but I feel like my parents have raised me right to one day be that mogul.

HHD: What’s up next for Gloss Da Boss?

GDB: I have my new mixtape coming very soon. I have some really cool features with Feature and Shawty Lo.  I’m going to keep dropping these videos and music that people can ride out too.  It’s getting hot, it’s summertime.  I’m still moving forward with my reading program, Glossy Da Boss: Bosses Read. I’m also doing shows.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

GDB: Being a boss.  Knowing what you want and no matter what you have on, getting up there and rocking the mic.  Killing it.

Check out Gloss Da Boss here:

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