JW_FROM_CTE....Pic_1THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM had the pleasure of speaking with CTE’s own, Grade A Hustler’s own, USDA’s own, JW. His music tells his story and talk with him for two minutes and you can tell that he loves what he is doing and not a rapper that is making up stories. He is 100% as real as it gets.  Besides that, this college degreed hustler is as articulate as they come with an edge not to be tested.  Here’s what was said.

HHD: You didn’t get into the rap game the way most rappers come in.  You were a high school and a college athlete, you earned your bachelor’s degree, you had your own entertainment company, and then you began to rap.

JW: After the promotions thing I was back in the streets.

HHD: Do you think you were destined for this?

JW: I know. I know I’m a gift.  I know I’m something special.  I’m  not saying that in an arrogant way.  I know I got something to say.  I know I’m touching people.  It’s different when you say it and when you got people coming up to you.  It’s love and it’s real genuine.  It ain’t even been two years I done been out here.  Not to disrespect hip hop because I know there’s a lot of people that been out there rapping 5, 10, 15 years.  I’ve been blessed to get as far as I’ve gotten in a year and a half.  But at the same time it’s me being authentic and giving the people something that’s pure.

HHD: How do you think your background has prepared you to deal with all that is involved in being successful in the rap game?

JW: A year and a half ago if you were to ask me I would have said my life was crashing because I was in the streets.  I earned a degree.  Yeah that sounds good.  You can call me a schoolboy.  But guess what?  I never worked a nine to five.  God allowed me to experience a lot of different things.  When the game chose me all the different things I experienced in my life allowed me to touch people and relate.  It has helped me tremendously both on the business side and being out here.

HHD: How would you describe your rap and lyrical style?

JW: I don’t sound like nobody.  People say I remind them of Pac, I guess my delivery.  As far as my delivery they like it cause I’m not trying to be nobody else.  You can’t pinpoint and say I rap like Jay Z, I rap like Wayne, or I rap like T.I., or I rap like Plies.  No, I got my own sound.  When I pull up the beat, the beat tell me what to say.  I’m just pushing it out of me.  It’s coming from the heart.

HHD: What are you hoping to accomplish with your rap career?  Are you interested in riding it out or are you jumping in for a minute and jumping back out?

JW: I’m a businessman first.  The industry is respecting my business.  Being an artist, I’m a take it as far as I can.  I’m not here to be a one hit wonder.  I try to study hip hop because I respect the culture.  Let your body of work speak for itself.  That’s what I’m doing.  If God say it’s meant for me to be in this business for a lifetime, I’m a be here cause I make lifetime music.  I already got a shoe deal on the table I’m praying about.  I’m working with a major company that’s been around for years.  I dream big and my vision speaks for itself.  My goals and my work ethic speak for itself.  You can talk about it all day but I’m a Grade A Hustler.  I’m a go make it happen.

HHD: How do you view the role of women in hip hop?

JW: I don’t knock no female, I don’t knock no dude.  Me personally, I don’t put nobody in a box.  It’s just as challenging as for dudes.  It depends on how much they want it.  I think it’s who want it the most, who gone out hustle who.  I got respect for dudes.  I got respect for old niggas rapping.  I got respect for the new generation.  Whatever you doing, if people like it, God bless you and get it done.

HHD: Your album, “Fully Focused”, drops Summer 2010.

JW: The album name gone be Grade A Hustler.  It probably was a misprint.  Fully Focused is a group of us that are working on a project.  It’s gone be “Grade A Hustler: Love & Pain”.  I’m a talk about real life experiences that’ll touch anybody, especially if you’re a hustler.  It’s good to talk about the fun part but I’m a talk about the pain too.  I want it to be a balanced album that will be universal. 

HHD: Until your album drops what can we expect to hear?

JW: I got a single “Back At It” right now.  I got a single “I’m So Arrogant”.  I’m working on my project.  We working on USDA.  You gone see a whole lot of me.  I ain’t going nowhere so buckle up your seatbelt.  CTE, USDA, Grade A Hustler, JW bout to take you on a long ride baby.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

JW: I think it’s a woman that’s really dedicated that appreciates the culture.  Managing herself, organizing things, and taking full responsiblity to be a real bitch, a real lady.  She’s up on her game, up on hip hop and the culture.  A woman that’s representing the whole hip hop culture and doing her thang.

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