Lady Duet

Of course THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM spoke with Underground DIVA of the Week, Lady Duet. Here’s what was said.

HHD: Who is Lady Duet and what can we expect from her music?

LD: I can’t really say in a nutshell, because what Lady Duet is about is having two sides to every story.  I want to do so much, not just as an artist.  I want to be an all around entertainer.  I want to be a mogul.  With my music I kind of bring it soft and sweet.  I want to be the cute girl on the arm of a dude and still rock my shows like a dude would.

HHD: When did you begin rapping and singing?  If you have a choice, which one do you enjoy best?

LD: My dad used to play his guitar and I used to get u p in the window and sing.  I started rapping, like, out of nowhere.  It wasn’t even intended.  It was with a group, some homeboys of mine, and I was 14.  I was doing poetry and little things like that.  They were doing this song called “Complain” and it was so bad for women.  I had this cute little singing part, everyone knew me as a singer.  They used to call me the Kelly Price girl.  I started rapping on that song because they were bashing the girls an  I felt bad.  I was so appalled by it.  I started saying it to the beat.  I was so afraid of the battle part of it, the freestyle battles.  You know the first thing you talk about is the person physically.  And I was so self-conscious.  I was like if I start rapping they’ll start coming at me hard.  Oh no, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it, it’ll hurt my feelings.  But, I slowly got over it.  Most people when they come up to me they prefer the ghetto love songs.

HHD; It’s tough out there for female emcees to gain the recognition they deserve.  Do you think you could get your break easier as a singer rather than a rapper?  Why or why not?

LD: Going by the track record of female rappers I would have to say singing would get me out here faster.  Me being the type of person that I am I try to go against the grain.  I would say I would probably work harder at being a rapper.  I know that people will always assume she’s singing because I’m a female first of all. But, I would say I would be more grateful if I got out there for rapping.  This is something that I want and I didn’t even know that I wanted it.  I’m so good at it, i turned into a big passion for me.  either way I can get in there.  I’m just hoping I get out there.

HHD; Besides being a double threat as a singer and a rapper, what do you think you’re bringing to hip hop that’s currently missing?

LD: I think I’m bringing everything that I got.  I think I’m bringing somebody that’s willing to do anything possible to get heard, understood as an artist and woman.

HHD; In your lyrics I hear the sex talk and I’ve seen your topless photos.  Explain to those who may not get a chance to speak with you why it’s important for you to express yourself in this manner.

LD: I could make an artistic defense on the photos, that I’m bringing myself out in raw form, take me a I am.  But, really it was like take your top off and it was no big deal.  I’m just giving everything I got and it’s all there.  I’m really  just a female from the south.  By me bringing out the sex appeal that’s just to get people’s attention.  I’m not that type of girl.  Most people when they listen to my track say “That doesn’t seem like you at all”.  I really want to make it known that cute girls got brains too.  I’m not downing any of the ugly chicks either.

HHD: Which female emcee would you like for your career to mirror and why?

LD: I’m a big fan of Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott.  I want to upgrade from them.  They were the best of their times.  I’m sure if Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott came out I would be the first in line to buy one of their cd’s.  They were girls that sing and rap.

HHD: What I find interesting about you is that you wrote a complete album for an artist that made it into the Billboard Top 100.  What impact has that made on your career?

LD: I would say that it kind of made me see that even thought it’s not what I want, there are other options inside music.  I don’t necessarily have to be in the spotlight to get myself heard.

HHD: Talk to us about your new single “Break It Down”.  What’s the concept behind it and what makes it hot?

LD: “Break It Down” is a really, really hot club track.  It’s all about female empowerment.  A girl going into the club with her homegirls feeling like the fliest thing walking, breaking it down for dudes.  Like, watch me do me. It’s a confidence booster.

HHD; What’s up next for Lady Duet?  What should we be on he lookout for to support?

LD: Everything.  this new track, I’m really trying to get it out.  I really want to do a little bit of everything.  I’m really into fashion, a lot  of different types of entertainment in the sense of dancing, all types of stuff, choreography…I’m also trying to kick off a tour in the south.  I’m up to do whatever anybody put up to the table.  Anything that I see that I like I’m gonna come back with it 10 times  a hard.  Anything, just be prepared to see my name on something, cause I’m coming.  

HHD: What is your definition of  hip hop diva?

LD: A hip hop diva is someone that’s…hip hop changes with every decade it seems like, there’s always a new sound.  So, I would say a hip hop diva is someone on top of the game bringing that new sound.  A female that’s really trying to get out there and breaking the mold.  Someone you can’t do nothing else but respect.

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