Lady Te

Lady teTHEHIPHOPDIVA.COM spoke with Lady Te about her music goals and how she got started. Here’s what she had to say.

HHD: Your’e so yound and you started rapping at a young age.  When did you know you had skills as a rapper?

LT: When I did shows and people was reacting and singing and putting they hands up and after the shows coming telling me ‘Oh, you did a good job.  You have so much talent.’ That was when I was like, ‘I really like this.’

HHD: What I like about you is your subject matter is right on target with your age group.  Your subject matter ranges from things affecting your peers to street rhymes.  How do you organize all of this into an album?

LT: I meet with the producer and me and him talk.  We vibe off each other.  Either he plays a track or we do a track from scratch.  With the “Back Hallway” song, that one I knew the concept.  I knew I wanted to talk abut high school and what I’m going through now.  So, I went to the producer and told him I want a slow melody song.  I have to keep it clean because most of my fans are young.  They’re like middle school and high school.  I gotta be a positive role model.  Some stuff I do is kinda hard but that’s for the older crowd.  Not only do I perform at schools I perform at clubs.

HHD: How old are you now?

LT: I’m 19.

HHD: From what I’ve seen, in Detroit, it’s like you’re already a celebrity.  I’ve seen the videos of your shows and the whole crowd they get up off their feet, they screaming for Lady Te.  How do you plan to spread that energy across the country and even further across the world?

LT: Well right now we’re working on a tour that’s probaly gonna pop off this summer.  The internet is key.  I can’t go everywhere at one time.  But if you put stuff up on the internet people can google you and do that.  When I do have videos, I put it up on my youtube page, I put it on my myspace page, I put it on worldstarhiphop so my name can start getting out Detroit.  The internet is where it’s at.

HHD: Speaking of your peformances, they are very energetic.  You do a lot of jumping around.  You run back and forth across the stage.  Where do you get that energy from?  Is it because you’re so young?  Is it because you played basketball and that helped train you?

LT: I’ve been playing basketball since I was five.  High school, running back and forth, sprints, and I still work out until this day.  Also, it’s the energy from the crowd.  Before a show I’m real calm so I can reserve my energy.  People come to pay to see me and I gott agive a good show. I just love doing it.

HHD: You made a song to support President Obama.  How do you feel right now about the job he’s done so far in his short term of being president?

LT: I feel he’s doing a great job right now.  I know since he’s been in office everything is not gonna just turn around and jobs are not gonna just pop up like that.  But so far, he’s doing a good job.

HHD: I saw on your myspace page that Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes is your favorite performer.  What have you learned from her performance career that you are able to apply to your own career?

LT: What I learned from her is that she didn’t care what people thought of her.  When you look at her style, she didn’t care.  She wore a condom over her eye just to promote safe sex.  That’s what I like most about Left Eye.  She did her and I respect her for that.

HHD: How did Lady Te get started?

LT: It all started in the third grade.  I was inspired by TLC and me and my friends started a group called BBT.  My mama worked at an advertising agency and they had a producer they was working with.  He gave me my first beat and from there it’s all about networking. I did a lot of talent shows around the city, and winning them, and having people contact me.  We’ve learned a lot.  We’ve been stabbed in the back, the music industry is cutthroat.

HHD: Where do you hope to be five years from now?

LT: Hopefully with a major deal.  If not, graduate from college, have my own film company.  Hopefully expand my record label.

HHD: What projects are you working on right now?

LT: Right now I’m working on my mixtape, “Grind Time in ’09.”  I’m working on my “Gotta Stay Fresh” video.  I’m also shooting another video called “Young And In Charge.”

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

LT: Someone that writes her own stuff.  Someone not cocky, but she knows that she’s the stuff.  Soemone that does not have to sell sex to sell a record.  A hip hop diva is all about the lyrics.

Check Lady Te out at her myspace page



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  2. Ladyskeam says:

    That’s how I roll been rapping since I was eight I am from Michigan but I goes hard and lady te goes hard to. But real soon you will see ladyskeam getting it in.

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