Mike Jones


Mike Jones

Mike Jones album, The Voice, drops today.  Thehiphopdiva.com spoke with him to get his perspective on females in hip hop and his rap career.


HHD: What were you doing before you became a rapper?

MJ: I was having dreams to become a rapper.

HHD: Who would you say are the top five MCs of all time?

MJ: Jay Z, Nas, Kanye, T.I., Wayne.

HHD: How do you view the current role of females in hip hop?

MJ: I look at them equally.  If they do what they supposed to do they gone get their shine.

HHD: What qualities would you be looking for in a female rapper for Ice Age?

MJ: It’s more than just the music, you gotta make sure you prepared for the business.

HHD: What’s your definition of a hip hop diva?

MJ: Beyonce

HHD: I know that you have two charitable organizations – Ice Age for Kids and the American Dream Foundation.  Can you tell us a little bit about those two organizations and what they are?

MJ: Ice Age for Kids is for the kids.  When Hurricane Katrina came we bought a whole bunch of school clothes for the kids who came down.  American Dream Foundation is for the older teens.  We do a lot of donations for both charities, one for the minors and the other for those 18 and up.

HHD: If someone wanted to get involved with Ice Age for Kids and American Dream Foundation and help out with what you are doing how would they go about that?

MJ: They’d go to Asylum Records.

HHD: What about those who wanted to benefit from the services that those organizations provide, how would they go about that?

MJ: They’d have to go to the label, the whole thing is ran through the label.

HHD: The Voice drops on April 28th.  You’ve stated that you’re showing more of your writing skills and personality on this album.  What can we expect to hear from your writing skills and learn about your personality from this album?

MJ: I’m showing people that I can write more than just street rap.

HHD: Two songs off the album target the female audience, “Cuddy Buddy” and “Next to You”.  Is it important to you to have female fans and receive their support? If so, why?

MJ: They rule the world right now.  You gotta cater to the women and at the same time they show me so much love.

HHD: Are there any other projects you’re working on right now besides the album?

MJ: My third album, Expect the Unexpected will be out by December.

Here’s “Cuddy Buddy” and Next to You” .  If these songs appeal to you, get the album.


For more info on Mike Jones visit: www.myspace.com/mikejones

Also, call Mike at (281) 206-4336

Follow him on Twitter at: mr_mike_jones

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