Miss Nana

THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM had the pleasure of speaking with the extremely gifted and talented Miss Nana.  Here’s what took place.

HHD: When did you write your first rhyme and where did you get that idea from at such a young age?

MN: When I was about 10 going on 11.  My father asked me to do something for his voicemail.  Before that I did a little something for school when we had President’s Day.

HHD: You have achieved so much on your own thus far.  What are your goals for your rap career?

MN: My goal is to get a major deal.  But something where I wouldn’t have to change who I am as a person and what direction I want my music to go in.

HHD: I read that your career as a rapper has been influenced by your father.  What kind of work relationship do you and your father have?

MN: Me and my father have a great personal relationship.  As far as business, everything we work hand and hand in.  The connection we have…it’s so amazing.  It’s something that a lot of people respect.

HHD: What did your mother think when you first started rapping?  What does she think about your career so far?

MN: When I first started she was very, very shocked.  I was kind of shy. It took me a while to break out of that.  She was surprised and to this day she will say, ‘Man I never expected you to do this.’  She wasn’t expecting me to be a rapper.  But, she’s very supportive.

HHD: Where do you pull the stories that you place in your lyrics?

MN: I think being a great artist comes with you connecting with your fans.  I make it a point ot go to YouTube and read the comments they post and check the emails.  They tell me stories.  I get a lot of very personal stories.  I realize that there’s a lot of people out there going through the same situation.

HHD: You’re in college, you’re always recording, you tour, and not to mention you are a young lady.  How do you balance all of this?

MN: It takes a lot of structure.  Having a good team to manage everything.

HHD: We’ve heard so many stories of young singers and their childhood.  But we have yet to hear the story of a child female emcee.  How did  rap impact your childhood?

MN: It made me really popular in school because I was shy and people supported me.

HHD: You’ve created a buzz and maintained a following on your own.  I saw that you were with LB Dub Entertainment Company.  What are you hoping this company will do for your career?

MN: I’ve been working with Bow Wow in and out for a couple of years now.  I’ve never signed to him.

HHD: You’ve got the flow.  Your delivery goes hard.  Your lyrics are laced with stories and metaphors. You’ve received love by some of our favorite artists.  What do you  think it’s gonna take for you to break through to the mainstream?

MN: I’m thinking a deal.  We have the team, the resources, but when you’re independent you don’t have as big of a budget. Not even a deal but major sponsorship can get the ball rolling.

HHD: So, what’s up next for Miss Nana?  I  know you have your mixtape that’s dropping.  You want to talk a little bit about that?

MN: My EP is called, “The Future of Hip Hop.”  We’ve got about eight or nine songs on there.  You can get it a www.missnana.com.

Check Miss Nana out at www.missnana.com

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