THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM chatted with Underground DIVA of the Week Morgan.  Here’s what was said.

HHD: When asked about your beginnings in hip hop your response is “a sheet of paper can never stay blank in my possession.”  When and why did you choose hip hop music as an outlet to express yourself and feelings?

MORGAN: I basically grew up around it.  My mom, she’s a big fan of hip hop music  I started out producing and I used to do poetry.  So I decided to express my feelings in music as opposed to just poetry.

HHD: You write our own lyrics and it’s obvious listening to your music that it’s important for you to do that.  How do you feel about ghostwriting?  Do you feel someone else could better articulate your point of view better than you?  Would you be comfortable delivering someone else’s point of view?

MORGAN: I think I would never have someone ghostwrite for me because I know when I write it comes from my heart.  I don’t think anyone can express my feelings better than I can.  As far as ghostwriting for somebody else I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it.

HHD: Who are the artists you look up to and hope to someday be better than?

MORGAN: Well, in terms of a female emcee it would definitely be Lauryn Hill.  I love her music and I wish she was still out.  I do think people like Jay Z, and Tupac, and Eminem  I like their music and hope to one day be better than them.

HHD: You’ve stated that gender doesn’t play a role in talent.  Do you believe gender plays a role in your career as a hip hop artist?

MORGAN: It definitely does.  I think it’s harder for a female emcee, for a female period, to work in a male dominated industry.  It’s pretty hard for a female to actually create her own spot.

HHD: You started Future Moguls Media Group to fill the gap that local, independent upcoming artists may have in promoting their music.  As an independent artist yourself, you’re relatively in the early stages of your career.  What doe you feel you have to offer to others that could benefit them?

MORGAN: Well basically, I could offer the support.  I know that’s what I needed.  It was hard for me to get it from others.

HHD: When we listen to your music, what should we expect to her?

MORGAN: You can expect to hear all kinds of emotions, happy, sad…anything I’ve dealt with in my past I feel can elate to others.  I’m speaking to myself but I’m speaking to other people as well.

HHD: What reaction would you ideally like to receive from those who listen to your music?

MORGAN: I just basically want love.  I want support from other people.

HHD: Give your best pitch to those who don’t know you as to why they should take the time to listen to your music.

MORGAN: Everything I say I speak from the heart.  I try to stay uplifting.  I try to speak to other people.  Whoever listen to it would be able to relate to it.

HHD: Right now you’re promoting your latest mixtape, “Train of Thought”.  Tell us about the mixtape, its concept, its overall style, and what you’re most proud of?

MORGAN: “Train of Thought” is basically what the title says.  I’m speaking randomly in every song.  I love it.  It’s like my best piece of work.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

MORGAN: A woman that is independent, she can stand on her own. She has her own spot in this male dominated industry.

Read the feature article on Underground DIVA of the Week Morgan here.

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