Underground DIVA of the Week: Quintescence

Hip hop is about so much these days.  It’s about fashion, jewelry, cars, money, sex, drugs…well you get the picture.  These topics have always been a part of hip hop but there was one thing that was always more important – lyrics.  Lyricism seems to have taken a backseat in today’s hip hop music.  Well, that’s where hip hop’s savior comes into the picture.  If it’s lyrics you want then Quintescence is the emcee you seek. 

Quintescence is a chick from the block with rhymes.  She takes lyricism seriously and you can hear it in her music.  Her music fits in perfectly with the hip hop music of the 90’s that transcends time.  She’s making classic music that is not meant to be here today and gone with the next wave of hot music.  Her subject matter ranges from smoking, to her way with men, and everything in between.  But it’s the way in which she tells these stories that sets her apart from the mainstream music of today.  What she’s doing is appreciated as she has been featured on BET and all over the internet.  In 2003 she was winner of Best Female Rapper at The Underground Music Awards. 

We caught up with Quintescence and discussed why she calls herself hip hop’s savior, being taken serious as a female in hip hop, and how she views her career.  Quintescence is focused in forging her own path and we’re happy to support her along the way.

HHD: Why do you consider yourself to be hip hop’s savior?

Q: I call myself hip hop’s savior because I am always spreading the word of what real hip hop is and never forgetting my community and reality!

HHD: You’ve been doing your thing for a while, received recognition, and had some awesome features.  What will it take for you to consider yourself as having made it?

Q: Good question! I’m still very young so I don’t want to consider myself as making it yet! I have so much more I want to accomplish but I still do look at myself as accomplished. I am very happy with how far I’ve come so far.

HHD: You’ve said that the hardest thing is being taken seriously.  Do you feel you are taken seriously? Why/why not? What have you done to ensure you are taken seriously?

Q: Of course I feel I am being taken seriously. I have worked hard for my respect by not selling my soul and using my body to get to where I’m at now.

HHD: You’ve said that lyrics mean a lot to you.  Do you think that sentiment has taken a backseat in today’s hip hop?  Why/why not?

Q: I don’t think people are focusing on lyrics too much. The south has taken over the industry and they have a different rhyme style that isn’t like the east coast. I think we need a balance in hip hop.

HHD: Use one word to describe your lyrical and musical style.

Q: Melodic

HHD: Is there an artist whose career you would like for yours to mirror?  Why?

Q: Not really, I would like to have my own success.

HHD: What sets Quintescence apart from the rest?

Q: My versatility, my ambition, and my skills on and off the mic.

HHD: What do you have coming up that you would like for us to support?

Q: I’m getting ready to flood www.youtube.com/famobtv and I have a new ringtone available on blackberry phones if you look into your appworld.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

Q: A hip hop diva to me is someone who takes their work very seriously while still maintaining femininity.

Find Quintescence here:






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