Skiddalz shocked the industry with her performance at the Core DJ Retreat where she went to see if she could get more than St. Louis to support her.  And boy did she shake the industry up! She caught the attention of the publicist to your favorite rappers, Nancy Byron, and also the woman behind some of hip hop’s biggest deals, Wendy Day.  That’s actually how she caught the attention of THEHIPHOPDIVA  as well. 

While everyone preaches not to judge others, we inherently judge people, first, on their personal appearance.  Skiddalz’s appearance does not strike anyone as a hip hop artist.  Female hip hop artists usually have a sexy appearance like the Lil Kim’s, Foxy Brown’s Trina’s and Nicki Minaj’s or a more gangsta image like the former images of Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Bo$$.  But Skiddalz doesn’t fit either one of those roles. She stands out from the crowd without even trying.  Instead of allowing you to place your judgment on her she deflects that with making fun of herself.  Stepping on to the stage takes confidence from anyone and every time Skiddalz steps on the stage she exudes nothing less.

Okay, she doesn’t look like the typical rapper, but can she spit?  Her delivery is fire and her lyrics sarcastically play out stories we can all relate to.  Without a major deal she has had placement on one of MTV’s most popular shows, “Jersey Shore”.  If the crowd is taken aback by her appearance that is instantly replaced with them jamming to her hard hitting music and energy.  Skiddalz has entered the scene and we’re all waiting for her career to explode. Her confidence alone makes her a true Hip Hop DIVA, and she gets bonus points because she rocks!

THEHIPHOPDIVA conducted one of the most REAL interviews with Skiddalz.  She didn’t give generic answers and we didn’t ask generic questions.  We wanted to dig more into who she is as an artist and what she wants to do.  She was game and gave us what we wanted.  Read the conversation below.

HHD (THEHIPHOPDIVA): You’ve been through a great deal in your life and music has been your outlet.  Surprisingly, your music isn’t depressing, it’s more upbeat.  Would you say your music is representative of your life or just an outlet for expression?

SKIDDALZ: Music for me is representative of everything around me, including my life and a way to express my art.  It’s true, I have more upbeat music out in the public eye, such as “OMG”, “Green Eggs N Hammin”, and a few others.  But honestly,  I have a lot of emotional and personal songs in my music library that I have truly wrote from the heart and experiences that I’ve been through. I am waiting for the perfect time to release those.  I feel like in the music industry now you always have to first put out something that’s easy and simple to listen to for people to give you a chance. But, once I catch the majority of people then I would love to let them go a little bit deeper into my mind and music.  I think there’s a lot of topics and subjects in my more personal songs that a lot of people can explore and relate to. 

HHD: Your lyrics have a sarcastic, smart aleck tone to them.  Is that your personality or is the music the venue to be that way?

SKIDDALZ: Well, in the day and age of alter egos in the music business, I definitely have 3 sides to my music.  Back in 2008 when I came up with the concept of my song,”OMG”, is when I kind of wanted to take on these 3 different personas.  1, being Skiddalz… who is the sarcastic, quietly cocky, fat girl who doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks.  And then there’s Becky, the antagonist you hear in “OMG” who is a skinny, preppy girl who hates Skiddalz, but who is also kind of jealous.  And then, there’s Angel.. my real name which represents who I am off stage and the person you will hear in my more personal records.  All three of these egos are definitely a part of my personality and how I feel at times.  But, I also love theatre and story-telling.. so why not have many characters of myself? Hip-hop to me, is all about that.

HHD: You make fun of your looks. Why?  Do you feel you are instantly judged by them?  Do you view personal appearance as important in hip hop?

SKIDDALZ: I do make fun of my looks in a sarcastic sense because when narrow-minded people think of who should be doing music and rapping and in the hip-hop field… it’s never a fat, white girl.  One of the only things that people have negative to say about me is my image, so if I make fun of it before they get the chance to then how much substance does their word hold? I also embrace my image and who I am.  I’m different.  Different in ways that some people may not like, but I’m also different in ways that people just like me can relate to.  Maybe I can give hope to people like me, that feel like they can’t do certain things, to actually realize, “hey this fat girl over here can rap, it doesn’t really matter if I’m this or that.. if I’m good at it, I can do whatever I want, too.”

HHD: You killed it at the Core DJ Retreat which got the industry interested in you.  What has been the result of that?

SKIDDALZ: Going down to the Core DJ retreat was actually a test for me.  I knew that I had the support of St. Louis, but the real question was, could I pull a crowd of people that were from all over the country?  And the result is that, I can.  It proved to me that if this many people, from these different places can all come together and enjoy my music and performance, then I truly can do this on a bigger level. I met so many people there; DJs, Core Models, and random artists who told me they were amazed by what I did.  I also met Nancy Byron and Wendy Day who were equally impressed with me.  Overall, the result that I got was great… a good buzz, great review, everything.  Was I looking to possibly come up with a record deal from it? Not gonna lie… Kind of.  Did I? No…it wasn’t the right place or time – but, the Coast 2 Coast Convention in Miami is coming up so, you never know what might happen there.

HHD: You’ve made a statement.  Are you looking to make a career out of this or just cause a commotion?

SKIDDALZ: Both.  I guess I would say that I’m looking to make a career out of causing a commotion… a big, giant, commotion.  I definitely want to do this for the rest of my life and make music my career.  I work so hard for it, invest so much time and money into it because I take it seriously.  I want to work harder,  I want to grow and go through obstacles and fight for the spotlight.  I know that great things never come easy so I’m always willing to give it my all.  I feel like every person in the world has their own destiny and fate, and I truly believe that my destiny is to show the world who I am through my music and my performance.  I will never stop.

HHD: Who are your favorite hip hop artists?  Who are you currently listening to?

SKIDDALZ: My favorite hip-hop artists are Nelly, Bone Thugs, Ludacris, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Twista, Murphy Lee… the list goes on.  I grew up on great hip-hop.  the 90’s and early 2000’s is where it was at! Now, if you ask me who I am currently listening to you will get a completely different genre than hip-hop.  I love Adele.. she’ll be on every playlist I ever make for myself.  Also listening to a band called One Less Reason and some others.  I truly am a fan of music. 

HHD: Your bio tells us a lot about your background.  But who is Skiddalz the emcee?

SKIDDALZ: Skiddalz is a performer, entertainer, attention-getter, and confident in being different and the underdog.  Skiddalz is definitely a smart ass,  “a real class act. ” She’s a go-getter and a hustler.  She doesn’t give a BLEEP about what anyone thinks! Haha.

HHD: Who would your dream collaboration be with and why?

SKIDDALZ: My dream collaboration would be something totally insane and crazy.  It would involve Nelly, Twista, and somewhere I would have to throw in some vocals from Kelly Clarkson or Alanis Morrisette. Haha! I would pick Nelly and Twista because they are my biggest influences with getting into Hip-Hop.  I would pick Kelly or Alanis because they have amazing voices and I love their music.  How that record would turn out – I honestly have no clue, but I’m sure it would be awesome. 

HHD: What do you have going on that you would like for us to support?

SKIDDALZ: Right now I am getting ready for the Coast 2 Coast convention in Miami and hoping to have some things going by then.  A new record out and a new mixtape.  Possibly a new song placement on MTV as well.  So I have a few things in the works but THEHIPHOPDIVA will definitely be first on my list to know what’s coming next!

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

SKIDDALZ: My definition of a hip-hop diva is a woman who embraces herself and thrives on being a better, wiser, and stronger person.  Being on top of her game and not afraid of showing her creative side.

Check Skiddalz out at

Follow her on Twitter @Skiddalz

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