The Bangz

The_Bangz_new...5-6-09The Bangz took the time to let THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM know a little bit about them.  Here’s what they shared.

HHD: The Bangz, where did that name come from?  How did you come up with that name?

Ella Ann: The name “The Bangz” came from us trying to find a name that captured the edginess of our music and our style. We wanted something that said Hip-Hop,Punk Rock and Pop all in one.

HHD: Sabi and Ella Ann together make The Bangz.  What do each one of you bring to the group?

Sabi: The beautiful thing about us, is that we are exact opposites! I bring a more smooth melodic tone. And either when rapping or singing, Ella brings the raw edginess to complete the picture. It’s the best of both worlds colliding on each song.

HHD: How did you two come together and form the group?

Ella Ann: We met in the strangest way. We are both partners in writing teams. Sabi’s writing team sent her to work with my ex. Long story short, he led me to believe that she was trying to holla at him so I wasn’t too thrilled with her. 2 years later my writing team, the HandleBarz, wrote the song “We Jerkin” with producers the Co-Stars based off the explosion of the jerk movement. We all believed in the song and the movement so we decided to form a group to sing the song. We searched for weeks! Then someone suggested that Sabi would be perfect. I was hesistant and she was hesistant too, but I knew she was fly. We sat down and she was like “I wasn’t tryin to get at your dude, he lied to you.” And he even admitted he lied afterwards! So we good now.

HHD: What style of music does The Bangz bring?  You’re singing but your tracks are hip hop tracks.  Your singing does not sound like pure R&B it sounds more like a flow.  Describe your music style and how it all came about.

TB: Yeah it’s crazy. Our style of music is weird! We have some R&B melodies mixed in with Hip-Hop beats and Raps, mixed with Rock-esque concepts and harmonies, and we throw a little Electro and Pop in there, too. We haven’t figured out how to catergorize it yet. So far we call it Punk-Hop (lol)… It really all spawned from the Jerk movement in LA.

HHD: “We Jerkin”, let’s talk about the song.  The jerk is a popular dance in Los Angeles.  So, is it safe to assume that the song evolved from the dance?  Tell us about the song and where it came from.

TB: Definitely safe to say it spawned from the Jerk Movement. Everyone looks at this movement as just a dance. But it’s way more. It’s Los Angeles’ youth expressing ourselves through fashion and music. It’s really exciting because we as urban youth are no longer influenced by just Hip-Hop and R&B. We’re starting to pay attention to all the great styles out there, Rock , Alternative, Underground, Electro…everything. The song was written in the attempt of encompassing the culture of the movement.

HHD: How long has The Bangz been hitting the pavement hard on your grind?  Tell us about your journey up until this point or what has led you to this point.

Sabi: I’ve been singing, dancing, and acting since the beginning of high school, then started working with various producers to learn and develope as an artist. When the opportunity came along to work with multi-platinum producers and songwriters I couldn’t have dreamed it any better. Ella and I have been together now for only 3 months! And itz amazing how fast our team and label (V N R) is getting our music and style exposure.

Ella Ann: Funny thing is, I’ve been rappin along to records since I was 9yrs old. I always envisioned myself as more a fashion buff that loved music. When me and my friends formed the writing crew the HandleBarz, the music business grind became more serious to me.I began to realize the competition is fierce. Now with forming The Bangz with Sabi…I feel like we’ve created something fresh. Something that will last through the test of time.

HHD: How does it feel to do performances and have the crowd sing your song with you and they know all the words while still at a very early stage in forming your career?

TB: It feels incredible.

HHD: Describe your style of dress.  Your styles are different from each other yet they work well together.

TB: Our style of dress is unique, up with the times, and definitely sets us apart from the crowd.

HHD: What are you working on right now?

TB: We’re currently in the studio creating more music, rehearsing to perfect our show because we’re already performing all over Los Angeles…So Make sure to check our show schedule at, and we’re developing a Bangz t- shirt line.

HHD: What is your definition of a hip hop diva?

TB: Hip-Hop diva is the Urban Independent Woman. We’re not being subserviant and waiting on some guy to bring us our fairytale. We’re gonna create the fairytale through hard work.

Check The Bangz out at:

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  1. Hailey Delgado says:

    I ama big fan of The Bangz and i’m happy these questions were answered… 🙂

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