Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Aisha Karimah

It wouldn’t be hip hop without beats.  Producers could be considered the backbone of the culture.  A hot producer can make the weakest emcee sound good.  Aisha Karimah is not the average producer hoping to make  a hot track.  This DIVA is socially conscious, multi-talented, and soulful which is all exhibited in her music.

Making music is natural for Aisha.  At the age of five she learned how to play the piano by ear.  By twelve she began to replicate hip hop and R&B tunes using a Casio keyboard.  At 14 she interned at an independent record label and began to learn the techniques involved in studio recording and music production.  With an enterpreneurial spirit, Aisha founded and co-partnered Urban Anthonoly Entertainment Enterprise, Ltd.  There she oversaw urban marketing initiatives in the Baltimore-Washington metropo9litan area while managing local hip hop and neo-soul artists. Currently she is the CEO of Aisha Karimah Holdings, Ltd which is her parent company dedicated to marketing art, beauty, entertainment, fashion, and music.  A DIVA would not be complete if she didn’t service her community.  Aisha makes a complete circle with what has been naturally given to her by serving her community as a youth activist and educator. 

Aisha Karimah possesses a natural talent, business savviness,  and compassionate heart which all come together to create soulful musical tracks.  Rappers are held responsible for the emotional impact of their songs, but if an emcee is placed on an Aisha Karimah track they will definitely have a sound that is nothing like what’s currently on the radio.  Her tracks will force a lyricist to reach for deeper meaning in the messages they are conveying.  This self-proclaimed “Jane of all trades” is ready to make a positive social impact through her endeavors in all areas of music entertainment and that makes her a true Hip Hop DIVA.

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