Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Babs Bunny

Photo by Ken Stein Photography

Photo by Ken Stein Photography

“Who say Babs don’t get it; I take it”, this is a bar from “Goes In”, a song that can currently be found on Babs Bunny’s myspace page.  This line sums up Babs Bunny – straightforward, raw, hungry, serious, and in it to win.


Everyone surely knows of Babs Bunny from MTV’s Making the Band 2.  The self-proclaimed first lady of the streets was the first person in line, the first person chosen for the show, and the first person chosen from New York.  But Babs is more than what was seen of her as a member of Da Band.  Babs is a street-bred lyricist with a Brooklyn swag aiming to solidify the female MC’s place in a male dominated hip hop culture.  Her hip hop career did not begin with Da Band.  She entered the music industry dancing for a Brooklyn rap group and eventually began rapping with them.  That group led to a female group 3 The Hard Way, and from there Babs went solo.  Bad Boy’s first female rap artist has definitely shown she has what it takes to move female MC’s forward by being a part of the F.E.M. movement.


On to the music…


“Odds & Evens”, her newly released single is a certified street banger.  This song embodies the dual nature of her style – raw and street yet still a lady.  “Thinking Bout You” puts her vulnerability on display.  Her sweet side comes through in “New Relationship” and she hits the nail on the head on how females act when they get a new man.  In “That’s Why”  she shows how versatile her style is by riding the beat perfectly.


A lady by all respects, a beast on the microphone, determined to leave her mark in hip hop, and 100% lyrically real – Babs Bunny is a Hip Hop Diva.


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Check out THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM’S interview with Babs Bunny by clicking the Babs Bunny page.

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