Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Bajita Singh

Bajita Singh-1

Who says brains and beauty can’t come together in one package?  Who says “hip hop models” arent taken seriously?  Those people have obviously never heard of Bajita Singh.   Bajita Singh is a model.  She’s a model that landed a multi-million dollar deal with Canada’s Murdercap records to become its lead model and actress in various music videos, commercials, and films.

So, who is this DIVA?  For starters, she’s Canadian born and of East Indian descent.  She’s been modeling since the age of 17, intrigued that it allows her to be many different versions of herself.  Bajita is good at conveying emotions through her eyes so modeling seem like her natural calling.  What makes Bajita a DIVA?  It’s her drive, ambition, perseverance, and energy.  Her ambition allowed her to dream big.  It allowed her to step out of the norm and pursue a modeling career.  It allowed her to make a success out of her career.  Drive pushed her to not only dream big but take the necessary steps to achieve big.  Perseverance is absolutely required in an entertainment industry filled with many rejections.  Bajita’s positive energy is refreshing.  All of these qualities ultimately led her to achieve the success she has obtained with her deal with Murdercap Records.  Did she set out to become a multi-million dollar hip hop model?  Ask her and find out .  Whatever the answer, Bajita Singh is a true Hip Hop DIVA.

Check out the interview on the Bajita Singh page.

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