Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Dee Vazquez

Dee VazquezTelevision host, radio personality, writer, and event  host…this DIVA does what she can to showcase and support hip hop.  She may not be the one making the music but she is the one making sure the music gets heard.  While she’s putting your music out and making your event hot she’s inspiring Latina DIVAS to make their mark in hip hop entertainment.  Dee Vazquez could have followed any entertainment path and we’re grateful she chose hip hop.

Passion, exuberance, liveliness, flava and poise are all qualities possessed by this DIVA.  They are also what makes a difference whan a new artist is presenting their video to a national audience.  They also make a difference when trying to energize a crowd at an awards show.  Dee exudes an energy and charisma that’s both charming and inspiring.  She has managed to  maintain her true identity in an industry where it can easily get lost.  That realness about her is what draws people in to her.  It is also what inspires other DIVAS that their dreams of achieving an entertainment career is attainable.  Most imortantly, this DIVA loves hip hop.  Whether it’s television, radio, or an event hip hop is tied to it.  An artist brings passion to their music and Dee brings passion to presenting their music.  She connects the talent to the world.  Where would any DIVA be without DIVAS like Dee linking them to their fan base.  Add Latin flavor and an engaging personality with a love of hip hop and you have Hip Hop DIVA Dee Vazquez.

You can currently watch Dee Vazquez bring you the hottest videos and interviews from elite and groundbreaking hip-hop artists every week on “The #1 Countdown: Hip-Hop” on The Fuse Network.

You can hear Dee Vazquez on Hot 97 and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Check Dee Vazquez out at

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