Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva DJ Diamond Kuts

She has the genes of Grand Tone of the Grand Masters of Funk in her so it’s only natural for her to have a career in music.  And when her father gave her a DJ starter kit for Christmas, she knew then how she would build that career.  DJ Diamond Kuts is relatively young in age yet relatively mature in her career.  We’re taking this time to shine the spotlight on her knowing that this may happen again in the future.  DJ Diamond Kuts has a long career ahead of her and it has only just begun.

Her father may have bought her DJ starter kit, but it is legends such as Coco Chanelle, Jazzy Joyce, and Beverly Bond who have influenced DJ Diamond Kuts’ work.  They are all women who blazed trails in the hip hop DJing world and DJ Diamond Kuts is on her way to do the same.  Once she made the decision to make this her career, she worked on perfecting her craft and earning her place in hip hop music.  She earned a permanent position at Philly’s Power 99 FM by mixing on the radio on the weekends.  Making such a great impression with her ability to get the listeners moving, Diamond Kuts became the first and only female mixer to have a slot in the eighth ranked national radio market.  Her hard work landed her a co-hosting role on BET’s “The Deal”, which is now in its second season.  With having Jazzy Joyce as an influence it is only fitting that she was the official tour DJ for the 2007 Lil Mama tour.

Although she states, “I want to be respected as a good DJ period.  A lot of female DJs are satisfied with just being called a female DJ, but I’m doing the same things that the guys are”, Diamond Kuts is making a name for the new generation of female DJs.  In the world of hip hop, to be recognized as an equal to your male counterparts is the highest level of praise a woman can receive and Diamond Kuts has already reached that level.  Her dedication and skills are a true testimony that hard work coupled with talent really does pay off.  She carries herself with respect and has accomplished career goals without selling sex or falling into the sterotypes placed upon females in hip hop.  With so much momentum there is only one direction Diamond Kuts is headed and that is forward.  She is a role model for others to follow on being taken serious, earning respect, and getting where you want to be.  But, she’s not done yet.  This is only the begininning for Diamond Kuts and there’s plenty of more sucess in store for her.  DJ diamond Kuts is a true Hip Hop DIVA.  May she continue to shine!

Check DJ Diamond Kuts out at:

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