Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva DJ Dimepiece

DJ Dimepiece is known around the country for her mixing skills and has some of the most established singing her praises.  She is a prime example that goals can be met if you stay focused and work hard.  DJ Dimepiece knew at a very young age that she wanted to be on the radio and that is where you can find her today.  She left her home in California and landed in Nashville, Tennessee at Fisk University where she began interning at the university’s radio station.  The intern gig turned into a radio hosting gig in which she was always in search of the hottest music to play.  She frequented a local record store to purchase mix CD’s and mixtapes, and the store owners —-DJ Infamous, DJ Outlaw, and Janiro—-encouraged her to make her own mixtapes.

So, Dimepiece set out to accomplish another goal—-the goal of becoming a DJ.  She began by practicing on the university’s turntables, moved on to spinning at local clubs with other djs, graduated to opening for well-known DJs, and topped it all off by dropping her own mixtapes.  In 2005, DJ Dimepiece was named “Female DJ of the Year” at the Southern Entertainment Awards.  Now, DJ Dimepiece has her own slot at 101 The WIZ. She works the hottest parties, blazes the hottest mixtapes, maintains her own blog all while maintaining her sexy.  She is “The Mixin’ Vixen”.  DJ Dimepiece credits her success to continuously working hard for what she wanted and we can all breathe a sigh of relief to see that hard work pays off.  She is pretty and sexy and many may view her as such when she shows up for a job.  But DJ Dimepiece is all business and that is apparent in how she conducts herself when working jobs and how she carries herself in a career field dominated by men.  DJ Dimepiece set out to work in radio and ended up becoming a force in music via radio, clubs, and  mixtapes.  She isn’t done yet but she has proven that she can master whatever she puts her mind to.  DJ Dimepiece is a grinder, a DJ, a mixin’ vixen, and most importantly a true Hip Hop DIVA.

Check DJ Dimepiece out at

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