Spotlight on Hip Hop DIVA DJ Eque

Being a pretty DJ will get you jobs but will not build a career for you.  However, being a skilled DJ that just happens to be pretty, well, that’s a different story.  In society a double standard exists in the perception of what men and women are able to accomplish.  Women have made great strides to close that gap but even in today’s most liberal society, it still exists.  THEHIPHOPDIVA sets out to acknowledge the women who rise above the standard and break the mold, which is why we are shining the spotlight on DJ Eque.  DJ Eque has shined through her skills and in spite of her beauty.  When asked about the double standard, she states, “I think just in general, in life period, when it comes to men and women, hip hop is not separated out of that, it’s the same thing. If anything you gotta be 10 times better than the dude. Guys can be mediocre and get jobs.”


DJ Eque has never relied on her looks but has gained success in all aspects due to her work ethic and skill. She attended Texas Southern University on a basketball scholarship and decided to push herself even further to master something different.  At the time the only prominent female hip hop DJ she could think of at the time was Spinderella from Salt ‘N Pepa.  If she embarked upon establishing a DJ career and was successful at it, it would definitely be something different, at least for her it was outside of her norm.  So she sought out a hot DJ on campus and asked him to show her the ropes.  From there, she practiced, acquired a music collection, and began to rock crowds on her own.   On what sparked her interest in DJing DJ Eque shares, “I think what started my interest is that I’ve always been a person to challenge myself. I was in college playing basketball.  I’ve always been the person to want to try something different, that’s not normal…I knew I wanted to be different so I sought out this guy that was DJing all the parties.  I never seen a girl do it, except for Spinderella and I was like, I would like to do that…from there I just kept pushing towards it, getting my own equipment and started collecting vinyl’s and really just practicing at home by myself…playing for me and my friends.”


Rocking crowds seems to come natural for her which is why some of your favorite artists have chosen her to tour with them and get the crowd going.  DJ Eque rocks crowds with varied tastes from those who enjoy Luke to those who enjoy Beyonce.  Old school music, new school music, pop, hip hop, R&B soul, you name it and she can play it.  However, there is something beautiful about a part of a strong female collective commanding the stage city after the city and killing it.  DJ Eque’s most favorite tour to be apart of was the Sugarwater tour with Queen Latifah and she explains why:

“The best experience I had was the Sugarwater Tour with Queen Latifah. That tour was so amazing because it was all women. It was always Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Queen Latifah and they brought in different opening acts. That tour to me was the best, I just loved that tour.”


DJ Eque set out to challenge the norm and do something different.  In doing so, she paved the way for other female DJs to do the same with integrity and a strong skillset.  DJ Eque is the definition of a HIP HOP DIVA.

Read our interview on the DJ Eque page.

Find DJ Eque at



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