Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva DJ Nickiee

Who ever said a hustler had to be in the streets?  Okay, let’s clarify.  A hustler must be in the streets but not necessarily breaking the law.  If a DIVA is the female version of a hustla then that fits DJ Nickiee perfectly.  Grinding must be her middle name and she is testament that intelligence, hard work, and vision truly do pay off.

DJ Nickiee did not dream of becoming a DJ.  She loved music as a young girl but didn’t set out to build a career around it.  While living in New York to earn her B.A. in Economics from New York University, Nickiee witnessed first hand the power, influence, and success that could be attained by a DJ.  However, she also witnessed the lack of women in that role.  She took it upon herself to fine-tune that skill.  She practiced and worked on that craft which has led her to DJ for some of hip hop’s most elite — Kanye West and Erykah Badu.  Her dedication to being a top notch DJ has paid off in her ability to rock any club — overseas and in the US.

As if being an economist DJ was not enough, Nickiee went on to earn her Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver.  She has taken that education along with her real-world entertainment experience to build a career as an entertainment lawyer.  Her ambitions do not stop there.  DJ Nickiee formed her own PR firm, GoodGirlPrR and partnered with K Foxx to form an all female DJ Crew, “Miss DJs”.  DJ Nickiee has the brains, skills, and drive to take the art of hustling to a new level.  When dealing with DJ Nickiee rest assured you’re working with a professional that can rock a party.  A self-starter, such as herself , will take your event to the next level via her skills on the turntable or as a PR professional or as both.  She recognizes the power that women have when they come together and Miss DJs is proof of that .  A love of hip hop.  Check.  Intelligent.  Check.  Professional.  Check.  Ambitions.  Check.  DIVA.  Check!

Check out DJ Nickiee at:

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