Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Estelle


Singer, songwriter, producer, rapper, storyteller, and the list of accomplishments go on  and on for Estelle.  This Diva  shines so bright she caught the attention of American industry insiders all the way from London.  Estelle is living proof that Divas are relatable all around the world, they do not have to be boxed in  geographically.  She is the first artist to release under John Legend’s Homeschool label, qualifying her as not just a leader amongst other Divas but a leader in hip hop overall.


Estelle’s second album, Shine, displays her versatility as a singer.  She previously solidifed her skills as a rapper on her first album, The 18th Day.  Shine shows that rocking the mic is her gift to the regardless the delivery method.  A key to Estelle’s success may be her lyrics.  Estelle’s had her fair share of relationship experiences that females come into contact with either directly or indirectly.  Everyone has been in some form of relationship and/or listened to their friends complain/brag about their relationships as well.  Men may act offended by what she’s saying but they know it’s true.  This may be why she has been so well embraced.  ‘Wait A Minute (Just a Touch)” is empowering for women who may feel out of control when dealing with men.  It reminds us that we have something they want and we control when, how, and how much will be given to them.  “No Substitute Love” provides strength to those who know they are not a man’s one and only to not tolerate it.  “Come Over” features Sean Paul and it captures a woman’s sexiness and need to get down when she wants to.


I’ve had the pleasure of attending a live performance of Estelle’s and found it to be very magnetic.  Before evey song, she provides the story that inspired it.  The crowd takes a jouney through her past relationships which draws them in to her.  In both video and live performance what you get is purely Estelle.  No choreographed dancing or antics but someone who has experiences we all can relate to and uses music as a means to share them.


When she’s not doing music she’s empowering youth as an Ambassador for Virgin Unite and participating in raising money for Aids awareness and HIV.  This Diva describes her style as Audrey Hepburn mixed with Salt ‘N Pepa and she carries it out well.


You can check out Estelle’s webpage here.

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