Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Kid Sister

Vibrant, fun, energetic, funky…all of these things are Kid Sister.  But combined, does it all come together to make a Hip  Hop Diva?  Not really sure about that?  Let’s take a closer look and decide.

What cannot be denied is her flow.  Take the music off the track and what you will hear is a chick straight spitting.  Talk with her a little bit and get to know her and you will find that her music is all her.  Her musical influences, cultural influences, life experiences, and personality are all embodied in her music.  You hear the R&B, House, Pop, Funk, and early Hip Hop influences.  It’ is evident she is from Chicago and likes to have fun.  All of these elements come together to form music that can’t be placed in a box.  It is uniquely hers yet it appeals to individuals from different walks of life with different musical tastes.  What they all have in common is listening to solidly good music which they get from Kid Sister.  Attend a Kid Sister show and it’s guaranteed to be a show like none other.  For one, the crowd is diverse.  Secondly, she’s not just walking across the stage talking on th emic.  She came to work!  Her energy makes you wanna dance.  Her stage presence pulls you into her world.  Her music is jamming.  By the time she leaves the stage her hair, makeup, clothes all have their fair share of sweat and the same should be said for you.

Let’s recap and see where we stand with Kid Sister.  One, she flows and it’s all her through and through.  Two, her creativity places her in her own lane.  Three, she puts her all into her music and works hard to give her fans their money’s worth.  Kid Sister is a creative, hard working chick who lays rhymes to funky tracks.  Kid Sister is a true Hip Hop DIVA.

Check Kid Sister out at:

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