Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Lil Mama


Lil Mama


What do you know about Lil Mama?  Did you know that at the tender age of 13 she was confident enough to push her own music?  She had a chance encounter with DJ Enuff and insisted he play one of her songs on the radio.  DJ Enuff told her to come back when she was older.  So, when she was 16 she got her father to set up a meeting with DJ Enuff.  She played him some of her songs and he knew “Lip Gloss” was her hot single and played it on the radio.  The success of this single led to Lil Mama signing a deal with Jive Records.

Did you know that she was the first artist that Avril Lavigne collaborated with on a video?  Lil Mama liked Avril’s “Girlfriend” song and recorded a verse to it and sent it to her.  Avril liked it and made it the official remix.

Who knew that this young lady had the drive to lead the way in her career?  Apparently her father, Jive Records, and most importantly herself.  Lil Mama wrote poetry and danced at a very young age.  She used her dance, poems, and life experiences to catapult her into an influential hip hop artist.  She was raised in Harlem and Brooklyn with seven other siblings.  This life situation as well as things that she has seen others experience plays out in her lyrics.  Listening to her music does not feel as if you are listening to a young female rapper.  Her music is the offering of one of New York’s finest.  Take your favorite NYC rapper’s music and hers can hold its own.  “Lip Gloss” and “I’m a Diva” definitely have a pop appeal but “L.I.F.E,” is definitely speaking to women young and old, mothers and daughters.  “Shake” and “What It Is” embody that sound that is New York from the beats, lyrics, and her delivery.  Her “A Millie” freestye is for those who doubted her skills and shows not only her lyrical prowess but strength in delivery.  Lil Mama is a triple threat – Pop Princess, Street Chick,  and Hip Hop Diva.

Check Lil Mama out at:

Check out THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM’s interview with Lil Mama here.

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