Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Nicki Minaj

Her mixtape - Beam Me Up Scotty - is out now!

Her mixtape - Beam Me Up Scotty - is out now!


“Nicki Minaj.  Nicki Lewinsky.  It’s going down.”  This is the infamous line Nicki Minaj speaks time and time again.  When you hear this line does it make you believe all the rumors you’ve heard about her?  What opinions do you begin to form about her character?  If you believe the rumors and misperceptions of Nicki Minaj then you are selling yourself short.  Nicki Minaj may single-handedly bring female MCs to the forefront of hip hop.  Not only does she have the power to do that, she has the ability to take the femcee role to the next level and accomplish what only males have achieved in hip hop.  How can she accomplish this? What does she have that is so special?  Nicki Minaj is intelligent, talented, and constantly grinding.

Intelligent because she realized the current status of femcees and developed a plan that will not only lift herself but other female rappers out of that slump.  She began by bringing attention to herself.  Does the name Minaj intrigue you?  Do you want to find more out about this woman who seems to openly proclaim bisexuality? Of course!  So, what do you do?  You look her up on youtube and visit her myspace page.  You listen to her music hoping to hear something that will confirm your suspicions.  While listening to her music, you forget what brought you there and get caught up in her playful use of words and skillful delivery.  You forget the rumors and begin to think this chick is hot.  Intelligent because she created a name and posed for photographs that drove major hip hop media outlets directly to her to gain insight on exactly who she is and what she’s all about.  You can be the dopest MC on the planet, but if no one knows about you what purpose does it serve?  Nicki Minaj is intelligent enough to understand this fact and created a diversion to bring attention her way.  Not only did she shine the light on herself, but once it shone on her, she possessed the skillset to articulate who she is and what she is out to accomplish and she had the music to back it up.  In doing this, she dispells what drew you to her and at the same time entices you to stay focused on her.

Talent is Nicki Minaj.  She can sing, rap, act, write and do them all well.  She trained at the school of performing arts that inspired the movie and television series FAME.  Listen to her music and you will hear all of these talents.  Nicki writes her own lyrics and her acting skills enable her to carry out the playfulness in how she delivers those lyrics.  Singing seems to come as easy to this DIVA as rapping.  Nicki Minaj does not want to be labeled as just a female rapper.  By putting all of  her talents on display from the beginning she has ensured that will never happen.

Grinding is what earned Nicki Minaj the Underground Music Awards Female Artist of the Year and the Southern Entertainment Awards Female Mixtape Artist of the Year.  Nicki puts her intelligence and talent to work.  She’s flooded the underground circuit with music and gained the attention of Lil Wayne who brought her on board Young Money Entertainment.  She didn’t stop there.  Nicki Minaj is constantly doing shows and press which constantly puts her name, music, and image in your mouth, ears, and mind.

Think what you want about Nicki Minaj but you can’t deny she has accomplished what no other female rapper at this moment has done.  She has created a buzz that has made her an all around “It Girl” that has the ability to translate into a new era of Hip Hop Divas.  Hate if you want, but in the words of Nicki herslf, “You writing disses, we getting money.”

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