Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Queen Pen

The first words that come to mind when you hear the name Queen Pen should be strength, determination, and compassion.  Queen Pen’s story is not your typical story of a female emcee, if there even is one.  The first thing she touched became an instant success. There’s not many artists, let alone female hip hop artists, who can say they have done that.  It didn’t come withouth struggle though.   Queen Pen knew pretty early in life that she was talented and wanted an entertainment career.  But she also had her first two children very early as well.  One at the age of 15 and the other at the age of 17.  Pursuing an entertainment career had to take a backseat to raising two children as a teen-aged single mother.

Her dreams took a backseat, but they were never out of the picture.  Queen Pen decided to let her good friend, Teddy Riley, know that she had skills an an emcee. She flowed for him, he was impressed, and promised to give her an opportunity.  The opportunity turned out to be one of a lifetime.  Queen Pen’s introduction to the world as a female rapper was on Blackstreet’s hit, “No Diggity”.  The song was an instant success and led her to tour the world and land a major record deal.  Since then she has released two albums, “My Melody” in 1999 and “Conversations with Queen” in 2001 and had two more children.

Queen Pen took care of her children by any means necessary.  She hustled and risked her life for her family, so there’s not much out there that she hasn’t seen.  Her life has prepared her to positively influence others who are faced with the same dilemmas she has not only endured but shined through.  She uses her knowledge, real talk, and life experiences to work with youth in juvenile prisons, group homes, inner city schools, and facilities for young mothers.  Her work in the community has gained her much recognition by community leaders in New Jersey and New York.  With all of this going on Queen Pen self published her own book of short stories, “Situations” and earned a two book deal with Atrium/Simon & Schuster who published her first novel, “Blossom”.

Being a teen aged single mother of two and coming out of that situation making your life a success takes strength.  Chasing your dreams and achieving them through adversity takes determination.  Taking your personal struggles and using them to motivate others to make good decisions with their lives takes compassion.  All of this together makes a true Hip Hop DIVA, not to mention she got skills on the mic.

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