Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Rasheeda

RasheedaPretty, crunk, ghetto fabulous, and classy are all terms that can be used when referencing Rasheeda – The Georgia Peach.  Rasheeda is definitely a DIVA holding it down for the south.  Her crunkness should not be mistaken for gangsta.  This DIVA is pure lady and it is evident in her rhymes.  Her lyrics come from the standpoint of a ghetto fabulous lady and not that stereotypical lady born with a silver spoon.  Her music is relatable to females and enticing to men which allows her to broaden her listening audience which is tough for a female MC. From the start of her career, Rasheeda has always been signed with D-LO Entertainment.  Her first album was released in conjunction with Motown Records.  Her other five albums, the most recent being “Certified Hot Chick” releasing August 18, 2009, are independently released.  Not many chicks can acheive the kind of notoriety Rasheeda has achieved without the backing of a major label.  She’s definitely the “Type of Gurl” that is helping to pave the path for underground DIVAS lookingt o breakthrough today without support from the major labels.  Of her upcoming album, “Certified Hot Chick”, Rasheeda states it’s “…like the manual for women, I’m speaking on things so many of us have experienced, I’m really happy with this project this album is a huge movement for females and it displays power, control, confidence, class and of course sex appeal with so much diversity but yet so ghetto fabulous and classy!”  What more could you expect from Rasheed – A Certified Hip Hop DIVA.

Check Rasheeda out at:

Check out THEHIPHOPDIVA.COM’s interview with Rasheeda on the Rasheeda page.

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