Spotlight on Hip Hop DIVA Rosa Acosta

With the body of the decade, according to FUSE TV, the caramel, Dominican beauty Rosa Acosta has commanded attention on the hip hop stage.  She may be the star of your favorite videos or sexily grace the covers and insides of countless magazines. However, it was not her dream or aspiration to be a model, it’s something that fell in her lap and she’s rolling with it.  Since the age of five Rosa dreamed of becoming a professional classical ballet dancer.  She trained her entire life to accomplish this dream and in 2002 she became the youngest soloist member of the Dominican Nacional Ballet.  Due to her participation in all major classic and modern ballet shows in the Dominican Republic she was widely known and award-nominated for her work.  However, this curvacious beauty did not have the natural body type of a ballet dancer. In 2004 she made the decision to leave ballet behind and began modeling.  In 2006 she moved to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic and slowly became one of the most prominent urban models.  Of her turn from ballet dancer to urban model Rosa states, “I was a dancer. I had a lot of fun doing that. It was amazing. It was my passion. It was my dream since I was five years old. But I was going through a lot of health problems. I battled anorexia and bulimia for about seven years. I didn’t really have the type of body of a classical dancer. So, I had to make a decision. It was either my life or I would dance.  And then on top of that it sounds amazing, it sounds beautiful, you were a dancer.  I was making $400 a month. That’s one of the big issues when you are an artist. I made the decision to stop dancing and then four years after that I got the opportunity to do a little bit of urban modeling. I took the opportunity and I’m riding with it. But it was not something that I was like ‘Oh my God I want to be a model. I want to be on magazines. I want to be in music videos.’ That was not something I was planning on doing.  It just happened for me and I’m riding with it.”

As a star in the Dominican Republic one would find it hard to leave their home and go to a foreign country and make it happen all over again.  However, Rosa’s mom and brother had already made the move and family is everything to her.  She finished college and her contract with the Dominican Nacional Ballet and made the move to the U.S.  For her it was not a difficult decision to make because she yearned to live with her mom who had been in this country since Rosa was 11.  It also wasn’t difficult to gain popular attention here as well.  She did a stretching video which became way more popular than she initally thought it would.  Rosa states, “When people starting knowing a little bit about me it was because I was in those stretching videos. I had about three or four jobs – I was a bartender, I was a waitress, I was doing promotions, I was working at a spa.  I was doing all kinds of things. I had some modeling pictures or some dance pictures on my myspace. This guy contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing this little stretching clip for him. It was paying very decent money.  There was no nudity, it was kind of sexy.  He never told me he was going to put a little clip on YouTube.  He said this was for his website and people would have to pay to see this. I thought probably nobody’s going to see this or just the freaks that go to his website to look at girls stretching or whatever. The next thing that I know is after a month or two it got tons of thousands of views. It was like a million views in a month or something. People started wondering ‘Who’s Rosa?’  It was after the stretching videos people wanted to see a little bit more of me.  They wanted to see me in music videos.  They wanted to see me in magazines.”

From there Rosa’s urban modeling career took off.  As an urban model being pretty and sexy are part of the job.  For Rosa it’s something that she turns on in front of the camera and off when she’s not working.  She states, “I am human and when I go and do my groceries I don’t feel sexy and I don’t feel the need to be sexy. I think that’s something that we pull out in situations… When I have to work or the camera is in front of me of course I’m going to bring out the sexiness. It’s something natural and it’s about being true to yourself. ”  Something that is often comes along with being a sexy urban model are the rumors that they have sex with lots of men and in particular the men they work with. For Rosa this is the biggest misconception people have about her. She states, “Well, due to the nature of what I do for a living right now people assume that have slept with all these rappers and athletes and the truth is I haven’t. It doesn’t matter if I say this to you right now. People most of the time listen to the things that make them feel better about themselves. People don’t want to know if Rosa Acosta is volunteering for a charity or if she’s studying.  They don’t care about that type of stuff. “

In today’s economy it is not enough to be popular for what you do and earn money that way. Rosa and her team recognize this and are turning Rosa Acosta into a brand and a business.  She recently launched a new project with Playstation 3 and was named Fuse TV’s body of the decade.  She’s not letting all of this go to her head though.  She remains humbly grounded and states, “It was kind of surprising for me to be compared to all of these beautiful girls who have accomplished so much.

To achieve a professional career in ballet work ethic like none other is required.  But then to stop doing what you have done your entire life and then transition into another career and gain widespread popularity almost immediately requires something that everyone doesn’t have and that’s the IT factor.  Rosa Acosta is more than beauty and a curvacious body.  She is a woman working everyday to help provide for her family and build a successful brand around herself.  Rosa Acosta is a true Hip Hop DIVA that has only begun to shine.

Read the full interview with Rosa Acosta on the Rosa Acosta page.

Find Rosa Acosta at

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