Spotlight on Hip Hop Diva Sincere

“There is nothing better than knowing you are helping someone succeed in life, with their dreams.”  – Sincere

This statement pretty much sums up the essence of what Sincere has done with her career in hip hop.  It is also what separates her from others who work within the business of hip hop.  Sincere is a DIVA with an appreciation of hip hop culture and the artists that bring it to life.

Networking is key in the entertainment world, regardless of genre.  Sincere knew she wanted to work within hip hop and got her start by networking.  Networking led to her humble beginning of working the door for a marketing company’s local weekly events.  Being the DIVA that she is, Sincere moved on to begin managing events on her own.  Her first event was one in which she showed up and coming artists respect by paying them to perform and also found a way to have them show respect to each other.   In order for an artist to get paid they had to have representation at the event for the entire time. 

“I learned the more professional I was the more professional others would be, if I treated them with respect they would respect the show I was putting on…There are still artists to this day that tell me I was the first one and only one who had ever paid them for their work, but what I did was simply treat them as I would want to be treated, put the option of making money in their hands.”

Not only is Sincere dedicated to giving her knowledge, work ethic, and experience to artists she is dedicated to lending a helping hand to worthy causes.  In 2007, she was a recipient of the Voices Against the Silence Award for her coordination of a hip hop charity event to help raise HIV/AIDS awareness in Cleveland.

She also writes!  Her first featured article was featured on Kandun International.  She was the Next 2 Blow editor for and is now a contributing writer for Street Report Magazine and Senior Editor for  Even though she doesn’t do what she does for the accolades, she sure has been nominated for and won a good number of them. In 2007, her promotions company was nominated for Promotions Company of the Year at the 2nd Annual Ohio Hip Hop Awards.  This year she was nominated for Publicist of the Year at the 9th annual Duval Diamond Awards and took home the Midwest Publicist of the Year Award.

So what exactly is Sincere’s career focus?  According to her bio she did event management, then artist management and now she is a publicist.  But if you look at all the work she has done you would say she has built a career as a “whatever you need I can deliver” specialist.  There isn’t one aspect of an artist or company’s business that she couldn’t handle with professionalism and deliver outstanding results.  Sincere has built the career of a DIVA and she hasn’t even reached her peak yet.  Stay tuned to continue to be amazed.

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  2. What’s up Sin! Congrats this is a really nice write up. Thanks for all the support! WattsyMusic (A)

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